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How do you set up a router and get wifi?

Asked by aLeXiE347 (46points) June 19th, 2009

i want to have wifi on my ipod while someone is using the computer.

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The router should be plug and play. You just need to go into Wifi settings with your ipod and select which network to connect to.

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Don’t forget the WEP or WPA code, depending upon your router settings.

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When you purchase a router it will come with a set of instructions on how to install, and configure it.

This is the general idea when setting up a router.

Make sure both the modem and router are off.

On your modem there will be a cable coming from the back to a computer. This is called the ethernet cable or Cat5 for the more technical term.

On the back of the router there will be a port called your WAN port.

Take the Ethernet cable from the cable modem and plug it in the WAN port on the router.

This will redirect the incoming internet to into the router itself.

Most routers come with a couple extra Ethernet cables.

Then plug in another Ethernet cord from Port 1 on the router into the computer that was originally plugged into the cable modem.

From here you need to setup your wireless turn on your cable modem first and let that start up.

Then turn on the router and let that start up.

On your laptop, desktop or even your iPod look for the wireless network that was just created (the router will have a default name, usually just the brand IE: Linksys, Netgear, 2Wire etc)

Connect to the newly created network, and open up your web browser.

These next steps really depend on the brand of router you purchased but I’ll try.

Go to or

One of those will ask you for a username and password, the other will say it can not connect.

The username and password is usually on of these:

Username: admin
Password: password


Username: admin
Password: admin

For a complete list look here:

Once your logged in the router should bring you to a setup wizard where you will be taken through the necessary steps on configuring the router.

Sometimes (most times) these steps completely skip setting up the security (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) for your router.

If you don’t setup security ANYONE can connect to your network and:
A. Use your internet for free
B. Browse through your files on your computer
C. Download illegal files and get you in trouble

I recommend using WPA or WPA2 over WEP since they’re a little more current and more secure.

Hope this helps you out!

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Go to settings
Select wifi
Type in the code (in parentesis)
If it needs a password enter your code
There you have it

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You may have to press wireless association on your modem / router just before you select connect .

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Also, if you don’t set up security ANYONE can:
D. set up their own password and lock you out of your own router!

Yes, it happened to me – how rude!

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did u find out who did it>

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No. My neighbors (within 100 m) are either retired or are 2 income families. None seem particularly disreputable. I wonder if it was a drive by situation?

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