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Is anyone else sick and tired?

Asked by tyrantxseries (4722points) June 19th, 2009

THIS IS MY RANT/QUESTION that may not last long

I log in to Fluther before work/after work hoping I can help someone with a problem or expecting to see an interesting question,
it’s loading,...
it’s loading…...
yay I’m logged in…..
Q- where can I buy a Baseball….wtf
uugg… oh well next question…
Q-why does my finger stink when I stick it up my *@#!

Is this bothering anyone else? Because it’s driving me nuts
In the amout of time it takes to ask the question, put in the details(if any),put in topics, post the question, and wait for a response, it could have been googled/answered/done problem solved, but no,no let’s bury the good questions.
and yes some are lagit questions that can’t be googled, but most arn’t
when in doubt try this:
(just in case you don’t know how to find google)

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Might be time to start using the My Fluther feature. and I feel your pain.

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The guidelines now allow for google-able questions, provided there is something unique to the Q. Further, if you feel that a Q is inappropriate for any reason, feel free to flag it so that a moderator can take a look.

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@tyrantxseries I know what you mean! I’ve spent most of the afternoon clicking “remove”, and have only posted a couple of times.

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I SO agree with you on this one..

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Also, I suggest that if you have some concerns or complaints, that you use the contact link above to express yourself directly to Ben and Andrew. I know they are deeply interested in making sure the site stays true to its core values as it expands. These types of growing pains are expected, but please send your comments along so that they can incorporate as many peoples’ thoughts as possible into the future of Fluther.

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We all go through this.

When it happens to me, I try to come up with my own interesting question, which I have found can stimulate others.

Like seeding the clouds.

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Also, I try and remember that there are different ages as well as “intellectual” levels on this sight and the web. It is possible, I have seen this happen, that a younger member with a learning disability is asking.

In addition, I know for a fact that my questions, while falling with in the guidelines, will irritate some. I also know that I could get the answer on Google at times but I need the more immediate and conversational feed back.

Where to buy a base ball? Are there cheaper places that sell just as good as sports stores? Are there learners baseballs that are very similar but don’t hurt as much? On-line or no? Anyone know of a deal for youth group purchases?

That kind of stuff goes through my head when I see those questions.

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I usually just pass up those types of questions. I don’t like to be a complete dick to newer members that really just don’t know the rules, or some members that just hate the rules. There will always be somebody to yell at them, and I just don’t feel that has to be me.

And this happens all the time. The best way to deal with them is to just flag them, or ask questions like this, not really get pissed off at the asker.

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I’m surprised that this question is still here lol
@dverhey I’m not pissed off at the askers(it just annoys the crap out of me)
I mainly just needed to rant
I understand(somewhat) why they do it, I don’t like it but I guess I’m just SOL

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So, ranting aside, should I tell my girl I really like her?

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No, I don’t think you were, but that’s just something I hate people doing, attacking the asker and not the questions.

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Here’s the issue.

A lot of people don’t know how to use google, and for all of those who even DO have a passing sense of how to use google and wikipedia, many chose to come here because we’ve created a product that is <surprise> quite compelling because you can get much more nuanced information about something here—as well as personal experiences and alternate sources for information that a keyword search doesn’t provide.

My mom told me last week that she wasn’t going to post a question because she was worried that people would make fun of her and tell her to go to wikipedia—and that really, really stinks. She’s not stupid, she just finds wikipedia (and even google) intimidating.

In light of that, I have very, very little patience for people who berate new users—not everyone can use the internet as well as you can. And I’m not talking about “let me do my homework” questions, either. I’ve seen snarky responses on plenty of questions, some which even I would be a little reluctant to google.

I understand that it’s frustrating not to find content that you like, and we’re working and making that better. But don’t take your frustration out on people who don’t have the same skill set, because they deserve respect as well—and if they don’t then please, flag their questions and the mod team will do quite an efficient job of making the question better.

I’m not directing this to you, @tyrantxseries. It’s just a very unfortunate trend on the site—and quite contrary to its ideals of being a welcoming, educational community.

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Skipping those questions is always an option.

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And I think we should be especially sensitive to those who have fewer than 100 points. That tells us they’re really new. They’re tapping the collective and we’re responding with head butts.

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@tyrantxseries – nothing wrong with a good rant. keeps us sane!

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@Bri_L no pun intended? lol

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@tyrantxseries – Heheh. you got that right my friend

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@Blondesjon – Only if you buy her a baseball first.

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@Darwin . . .so long as she’s of age? :)

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@BlondesjonTo play baseball? How old is that?

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@Darwin . . .Eleventy?

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@Blondesjon If you say so. Works for me.

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I totally agree with you Tyrant, and Yes your SOL. cockbite

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I’m with @Jeruba and @andrew. I think the 100 point marker is a good idea – the person is new – he might be intimidated – and he also might not be particularly creative – so what?

If everyone is berated and attacked from the get-go, very few (new) people will attempt to ask questions – and we’ll be left with some kind of forum for alter kaker flutherites.


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If you need to beat someone up, beat up a Mod. They can handle it. Don’t pick on newbies. You could suggest how they might use google to answer their question, and provide a link to the search terms you used. You can also show them how to research fluther to see if the question has already been answered.

Of course, if you’re feel out of sorts, you can get medieval on anyone’s ass you want. Just do it nicely.

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I know I’m answering a question with a question but seriously..I am dumbfounded. Why haven’t I seen any questions like that here and why am I seeing all these brainiac questions?

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@Joybird there are still alot of “google questions” on Fluther

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