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Where in America would you recommend to go?

Asked by ryan_macro (5points) June 19th, 2009

Need tips before move to america so if anyone having experience please share with me?...

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With the Dollar tanking in the US some of the more historically expensive places to go are pretty inexpensive these days. A lot of the Metropolitan areas are much more friendly to international tourism from a financial standpoint. San Francisco is a great place. Places like New York, Chicago, etc. are all better bargains with the declining Dollar.

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New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Colorado (I’ve been to several places there, it’s all beautiful), Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, Asheville, NC, The Florida Keys…my list goes on and on!

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You might want to avoid Illinois, Michigan, North and South Dakota. If you could tell us a little more about your circumstances, such as do you need employment, or medical facilities, is this retirement, what about family?

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What line of work are you in? What are your interests? What is your budget? This information would help us.

Yarnlady beat me too it.

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And where are you coming from, and what are you coming to the U.S. for? Are you planning to live here or just to visit?

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Wichita, KS

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Veygas Baybeeeeeee!

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The coasts are the best. The interior of the US is pretty boring and stale. Personally I hope to never leave the state of California ever again, unless I’m traveling outside the country that is.

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Rhode Island—has everything except high mountains, and they’re within a day’s drive (round-trip). (high by non-Rockies standards, of course)

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oops—just read the rest of the Q. for likelihood of employment, i would recommend the DC area. Rhode Island’s economy is currently very bad—kind of the epitome of, a great place to visit but i wouldn’t want to live there.

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The Mid West is cheap and active.

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@FutureMemory With an attitude like that, I hope you get your wish.

@ryan_macro Welcome to the collective. This is a big place with a huge variety of climates and places to see. If you like wide open spaces, explore the West.

The Grand Canyon cannot be done justice in photos and must be seen to be comprehended.

On Washington’s State’s remote Olympic Peninsula is the only temperate zone rain forest.

Have you done deserts? It is a matter of individual taste, but I find the giant saguaro cactus, the desert ecosystem and the amazing skies fascinating. Arizona or New Mexico are good places to experience that.

For beaches, even though Florida is crowded, you can still be all alone or close to it on miles of gorgeous beach many places on the state’s West Coast. I love the area around Sarasota and also St. Petersburg.

In terms of cities, my favorites are New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Each very different and well worth your time.

There is really too much to put in one short response. You will probably find something of interest wherever you go. Enjoy.

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Thank you Marina, I plan on it.

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So sad to hear that middle America is boring and stale.~ I disagree.

I have visited more than half of all the states in the U.S.. The interior states are breathtaking! I think some people from the “coast” are very close minded when it comes to traveling. I know this because I was raised in California and Las Vegas. I know the feeling of being “superior” because you live by the ocean. I hated Illinois when I moved here.

Living in Illinois for over 20 years now and experiencing the beauty of this area, I appreciate all that it has to offer.

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@jonsblond For visiting, you are correct, but to relocate, during this depression, I wouldn’t recommend Illinois.

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is doing quite well.

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@jonsblond that looks very good, I stand corrected

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@jonsblond I totally agree with you.

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Thanks for all the suggs, peeps!

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For the most part I would stick to the coasts. Not sure where you are moving from, but I think you will appreciate being in areas that have a more international feeling and celerate diversity. Florida is great if you love beaches, warm weather and palm trees. Even in Florida the different cities are very different in feel. SE Florida has a high popluation that has relocated from the NE, many Latin Americans, and many Europeans vacation in South Beach/Miami. NYC is great if you want big city—obviously. NY is relatively safe and has so much to offer, but is VERY expensive still. I have never been to Boston, but understand it is also a good city to love in. California offers so much…mountains, beach, dryer climate than Florida, diversity. Colorado is cold, but if you love winter sports it is great and it statistically has around 300 sunny days a year I think. So you get snow but blue skies and sunshine much of the time. The midwest (MI, OH, MO, IN, and others) has wonderful friendly people, but it is cold and overcast in those states for 8 months out of the year for the most part and the economies are very depressed in many of these states. The south unfortunately will have many narrow minded people.

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