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How do you personally rate questions and answers?

Asked by ironhiway (1367points) December 31st, 2007

Just curious, When I’m reading questions, I rate it, based on either, it provided insight to me through the answers, it provoked significant or controversial discussion, and, or it seemed like a question that someone should be asking.

As for answer I evaluate them on whether they appear to answer the question, add value to the discussion, or provide interesting note related to the question.

How about you?

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when i say to myself, “damn! that’s smart!” then i rate it. not any more scientific than that.

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The real in the deal, what you speak of is an art many cannot grasp. The way I approach a question is only slightly different than I tackle and answer.

The question; it should be logical first off unless it is hypothetical in nature. If hypothetical in nature it should titillate my mind, hit me with a concept or thought that makes me think above the mundane or entertain the fantastic. The question should be respectful, saying something like ”Why do Christians believe in fairy tales” is a quick douche bag question to me, it is insulting and plays to my intelligence. The question should be one in which maybe many has thought about but never asked but surely have asked themselves. The question should have room and depth to spur civil conversation. The question need not be a problem solver as much as an ideal stoker. I look at when rating a question those things.

The answer is almost more important because it requires the answerer to really play attention and understand the question. I highly place the ability of the answerer to take themselves out of the question and answer from logic and not emotion. If someone ask a question in favor of legalizing drugs the answerer need to be open to logically hear the argument the question makes and go off the logic and not simply blast the question and the questioner because they don’t agree or like drugs because their ex was a user or their brother died of an overdose. Answers from the standpoint of logic, gets a GA ranking from me, more time than not. If it is about their personal religion then that is what it is, there is no way they can apply logic because it is a faith, they can only apply how they use their religion to logically direct their action and behavior. Also highly influential is whether the answerer can answer the question in the spirit the question was asked and not confuse the issue or inject what they thought was in there or answer with a non-answer. A good answer should address the question in the context and spirit that the question was asked. Be answered from logic leaving one’s personal peccadilloes at the door. In addition, be delivered civilly and with respect.

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