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Well, I made it as long as I could. How will I find as much satisfaction as I did from The Wire?

Asked by andrew (16461points) June 21st, 2009

After stretching it out as long as I could, I finally finished the last episode. What possible work of fiction can compare?

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The Wire might be the best show ever made.

Dexter could be your best bet.

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I’ve never heard of it

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HBO’s Rome or Deadwood are both great.

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Nothing comes close. But do watch Deadwood + Generation Kill. Then, watch the Wire again.

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Currently, I’m enjoying Burn Notice. I started watching it for Bruce Campbell, and kept watching for the whole cast. It’s a fun one.

So, what is it you liked so much about The Wire? That might help folks suggest some things for you.

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Mad Men was great. Catch up before the new season starts. Breaking Bad is sounding good. I have to check that one out still.

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How many seasons was Rome made over?

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I like Dexter too. You might try that one next. Kind of edgy and quirky.

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Give up. There will never be anythng to touch The Wire. Instead, back up technologically and read all 21 novels in Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander series, which the movie failed to do justice to, though it was good. You will be very happy for at least six months
(and then crash).

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I loved the Wire too. I bought the DVD’s for The Corner but was disappointed.
It’s nothing like it, but if you haven’t done a Prison Break marathon yet, you have to do that!!

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@Bobbydavid – Rome had one full season and one truncated season, as the cost of the show was millions of pounds per episode and there just wasn’t enough money to keep up with the stellar production values, even for three networks (RAI, BBC, HBO).

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Oh. Did it come to a conclusion though? (Rome)

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@Bobbydavid – Yes, but the show was cancelled mid-production, so the last couple of episodes feel a little rushed.

And another vote for Mad Men. It made me think of certain aspects of my grandparents’ generation in a different light. Such an awesome show.

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I’ll admit I have not seen The Wire. I am very intrigued now. I felt like you do now, when Oz ended.

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@chyna Yeah, Dexter is good.

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There is something about Rome that just flares up my allergies against anything Caesarian being depicted with British accents. Too bad, it goes back to the days of Olivier.

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@Bobbydavid Mad Men, to me, represents even more. There is a series of great lessons to learn about showmanship and balancing out talent with self-preservation. As a professional presenter of ideas, I found it compelling. Plus, there’s also the social intrigue, of course, which is great.

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I watched the first 6 episodes of Mad Men. I’m not a huge fan of it—I feel like it lacks character movement because it’s so incredibly beholden to the time period.

That said, I absolutely understand the recommendation, and I understand why people like it. I think I’ll check out Rome.

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“The Wire” was one of the best things that has ever been on television! You might be interested in reading “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets” by Simon David.

“Sopranos” was crazy good too!

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@andrew Oh, Deadwood is sooo much better than Rome.

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Ok, I’ll look into Deadwood! And perhaps the Sopranos.

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@bonus I absolutely loved them both, for different reasons obviously. Just the production value alone made them worth watching!

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@andrew ; some people loved the Sopranos, but I absoluitly could not get into it. I tried (I wanted to be like the cool kids :-) But I wonder if you have to be from the East Coast to connect.

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@Judi: No, I really liked the Sopranos, too. I did live in NYC for a couple of years as a kid, but I’m really more of a west coast girl. I will say some seasons were better than others and it’s easier to appreciate if you watch it as you feel like it and not waiting week after week like we had to when they were originally coming out.

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@Judi I liked the Sopranos and I am from Cali. Watching it after The Wire, though, that is rough. So many shows seem like just caricatures after the Wire.

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I agree that nothing compares to The Wire. Battlestar Galactica is pretty strong.

Another tactic is to go watch old movies or TV shows. Nothing like finding a director you like and pouring over their stuff. There are also lots of short films every year. You could check out the oscar nominees—they’re supposed to be great, animated and live action.

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Breaking Bad.

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Ok, I just caught up on Weeds as much as possible (first 2 seasons are available to stream on netflix) and it was surprisingly great. Seriously, some of the most perfect comedy I have watched in years. I am looking forward to watch the newer stuff.

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