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How to tidy up my room?

Asked by Swervy (107points) June 22nd, 2009

I have only a small bedroom with few cupboard space and alot of star wars and Harry Potter stuff aswell as yugioh! stuff but I am having trouble deciding how to display all my Harry Potter stuff around my room and clear some space on top of my wardrobe where my star wars and yugioh stuff is.

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Do you have the ability to hang shelving up high on the wall, above head height, where you can put your three-dimensional Harry Potter stuff, as well as your other collectibles?

Otherwise, do what museums do: store everything in neatly labeled boxes in some out of the way place (under your bed, for example) and display only part of your collections at any one time. You could rotate them out once a month, twice a year, or whenever.

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A bomb .
Don’t have so much stuff that can’t fit neatly in your room .

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Another way to eliminate clutter is to carefully photograph, catalogue and the your collectibles you do not wish to display.

You can then continue to enjoy them by:

-uploading the pictures to a digital picture frame and displaying it prominently in your room,
-creating a slideshow screensaver with the picures for your computer.

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@mcbealer : You are a dream come true to the organizer in me!

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@ubersiren ~ you’re welcome! I’m surprised you could understand what I wrote, I was having a sleepy moment with the editing!

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