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Guys, do you run and hide when your girl/wife is PMSing?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) June 24th, 2009

haha just wondering

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You run and hide from girls?

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I’m a girl but I run from my mom :)

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Well, I’m a girl, but my husband will just say “You’re about to get a period, you’re being a bitch”

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Well, I used to run and hide from everyone, including myself, when I was PMSing, but my husband was usually oblivious.

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You know, lesbians are eligible here, so are friends.

Why limit your answers?

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Nope. It’s a part of life. She will be extra cranky going in then extra fun then extra sentimental. I just take the whole ball of wax. I knew what I was getting into when I said “I do.”

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I try to be supportive of my wife during this time because I know she’s uncomfortable and feeling poorly. If she specifically seeks me out and asks for help on something, I’m there for her every time but if I sense that she might be in a foul mood, I remember the saying that discretion is the better part of valor and I keep my distance until it is safer to interact with her.

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Ok. I will stifle my urge to… I make it a point to tell my wife when I am feeling touchy and irritable, and she does the same. Not like we can’t tell.
High smone, nice to see ya!

Edit:: hahahaha lol4rl. I meant hi.

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As a parent of a 15yr old daughter…we run. We’ve considered building a bomb shelter, too. She is scary when she has PMS.

I’m missing some parts…so it’s not an issue for me, anymore!

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I’m fortunate. My wife doesn’t go through mood swings. I always tried to hide from my ex-wife, though. She didn’t so much have PMS as CMS.

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Nah, she’s on a pretty even keel.

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I warn my spouse. I know I’m out of line, but I can’t help it. Seriously.

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I usually turn into a 12 year old and start goofing around and telling jokes in a desperate attempt to distract them from eating me…

I have a pretty cool relationship to be honest though. It’s nice, once a month I get to feel like the woman juggling to amuse King Kong….

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I can tell when my wife gets that way, as she takes my perpetual teasing all wrong. A nice foot rub, or a good neck massage and letting her know how much I love her usually works.

Buying her ice cream or whatever she wants doesn’t hurt either.

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I don’t mind if my wife vents a little, as long as she doesn’t mind when I do

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Funny, I have never even noticed my daughter having PMS. She probably does, at least a bit, but compared to my son’s mood swings, hers are barely noticeable. Besides, when she does get upset she always comes back and apologizes most sincerely.

Be aware though, guys, that she is underage and so not eligible for marriage yet! Whoever she ends up with will, I think, be one lucky fellow.

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