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Bill Maher: Sucks as badly as Rush Limbaugh?

Asked by avalmez (1614points) June 24th, 2009

i get really tired of rush. i used to enjoy maher, but lately his rhetoric and rambling is more tiring to me than rush’s. what do you folks think?

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I don’t know if he can beat out Rush, but I’m really tired of Maher, he’s always been like Rush in that he’s got this cocky sense that he’s a genius.

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Well Religilous is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not a Maher fan, though.

I can’t seem to put him on the same level as Rush Limbaugh… I don’t see it.

Sorry. That’s all I’ve got here.

Can you provide more examples on how he is on the same level as Rush Limbaugh?

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he egotistic and arrogant. he’s disrespectful of dissenting point of views. he’s as intolerant of religious points of view as the conservative right is of the irreligious. he’s as smug a bastard and certain of his position as pat roberts is on the opposite spectrum.

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He’s also a comedian. Rush Limbaugh is not.

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rush knows he’s not a comdedian. i dont think maher realizes he’s not a politcal commentator to the same extent.

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Generally, I like his panels, but he’s not inherently funny. He’s also a prolific disher of red herrings for liberals, so there’s plenty of myth in his rantings. He isn’t nearly as powerful as Rush in terms of media influence, though. In fact, I’d say his influence is negligible.

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i dont know. i enjoy comedy as much as the next person. maher is becoming less a comedian and more of a stump preacher who seems to enjoy hearing himself pontificate more than at least i and i think much of his audience enjoys hearing him. not funny, not on target, you know?

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how about we put both of them and all the lawyers on a boat, and torpedo it?

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@eponymoushipster Can we add the rest of the pundits and talking heads?

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@ru2bz46 But I like the Talking Heads…

Edit: Shit. Not the band…

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to far to the right or left and you end up in the same place.

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I stopped paying attention to Maher years ago and I’ve never heard a Limbaugh program. However, I did go to the last NYC taping of Politically Incorrect when it was on ABC. The Presidents of the United States of America were playing!

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Rush Limbaugh or as we refer to him around here, Douche Loosebowels is just as credible as Jeff Foxworthy, in that they are both entertainers and should not be taken seriously. As for Bill Maher, feh, he’s not as funny as he thinks he is.

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i find that maher at least asks good questions and occasionally has a half way decent panel discussion, which is usually balanced (he regularly has senior editors from National Review) and he tries to keep from getting to liberal rowdy (he’ll often till the liberal audience to stop clapping whenever someone throws something down). however; as soon as bill himself starts talking for more than about a minute its just not funny or at all interesting.

case in point was religiulous, wherein most of the movie was great, but then his closing statement was just painful.

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I stopped listening to all the pundits and talking heads (comedic or otherwise) about ten years ago, and ya know what…turns out I can form my own opinions without these attention-grabbing, extremist media whores blah blahing their “expert” opinions into my head.

As for the entertainment value – I can watch dogs f#€k in the park for that level of entertainment.

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Are you kidding? Nobody sucks as badly as Rush Limbaugh.

I do admit that I am beginning to find Bill Maher a little bit tiresome lately. He’s not as funny as he used to be. But I think he will get his edge back.

Dubya was was such a dangerously out of touch buffoon that we all worried what disaster he would get us into next. And those anxieties were easy to address by poking fun at him.

Obama poses more of a challenge because everyone thinks that he is a liberal, and that liberalism is back, and the country is going to get back on track. But, Maher made some very telling observations in his last two shows, where he criticized the Obama Administration for being too cautious and centrist.

“We don’t have a left and a right part in this country anymore. We have a center-right party and a crazy party. Democrats have moved to the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital.”Bill Maher

I think he’s correct, but that he’s a bit too far ahead of the rest of the country on this. Sonia Sotomayer, for example, despite being a woman and a Latina, isn’t all that liberal. In fact, she may be more conservative than Souter. The Wall Street and Banking bailouts leave the same banking elites who got us into this mess still in the driver seat. The recent “credit card bill of rights” just tinkers around the edges of reform and still allows companies to charge upward of 30% interest. “Too big to fail” is being enabled, not reformed. The banks “still own the place.”

In addition, single payer is off the table. The war in Iraq may be winding down, but the war in Afghanistan is ramping up; the use of military contractors and the privatization of warfare begun under Bush II continues unabated. Gitmo may not close as promised after all, or if it does, we just send the people we can’t release to the prison at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan—a place even worse. The war on drugs continues. Backpedaling on gays… and the list goes on.

Maher is already disillusioned with Obama, as am I. With every passing month it becomes clearer that he is not the liberal we all thought he was from his campaign.

But, I think, the rest of the country is so relieved to have an adult in the White House, they are willing to overlook this. I think once people realize how centrist Obama is, and how this is not in the interests of ordinary people, they will be more receptive to his criticisms from the left. At that point, I think he will seem funnier and more on point.

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I used to enjoy Maher. That is until this past fall when all he talked about was Sarah Palin. I think he had a crush on her, much like the crush he has on Ann Coulter. I find him very tiresome now.

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I enjoyed Maher as a comedian back when he was funny. That was a very long time ago.

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A flawed question as it assumes Limbaugh sucks.

That said Maher sucks. Hes another of the talentless rhyme over reason bitchmeisters, like Al Franken.

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Left shifting right? Obama a centrist?? (shoots coffee out nose)

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used to like him but he has turned into a pompous ass. I get a kick out of how he has no faith, doesn’t like kids or has no interest in being married…. C’mon Bill, the real truth is that no self respecting woman will have anything to do with your gay actin’ ass. Come out of the closet already!!! Now that is “Real Time”

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Maher is just about as antisexy as they come, his manner doesnt help at all.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv, yes Obama is a centrist, but if you weren’t an adult in the 60s, when the Left really was “Left” that probably won’t mean anything to you. Come back in 3 or 4 decades when you have some adult life experience and political perspective (and you don’t sound like an absurdist dittohead bitch).

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No, Obama isnt a centrist, youre simply not taking into account the perspective of conservatives such as me.

In the ‘60’s The Liberal movement we know today wasnt in power. They were taking drugs and protesting.

Now these idiots are either in power or their indoctrinated children are.

I dont need to have lived in the ‘60’s to see the damage liberals have done any more than i need to have lived in the ‘10’s and ‘20’s to appreciate Frank Lloyd Wright.

The US has never recovered from this liberal onslaught and with the election of the likes of Obama i wonder if we ever will.

Dittohead? LOL, funny how people that dont agree with you are always seen as being unable to think for themselves.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv – “Liberal onslaught”? Thanks to that “onslaught”, people aren’t being attacked by dogs or water cannons on the streets for demanding their rights, children aren’t lynched for glancing in the general direction of a white woman, all adult citizens can vote without paying a poll tax and the general public learned that our country sent its young men to die and kill innocents in a country it had no business being in. Even Nixon,when he ran in 1968, co-opted the “liberal onslaught” when it suited him by saying he’d end the war in Vietnam, but didn’t after he was elected.

The Clintons and Obama are centrists. Bill Clinton nudged the Dems toward the center to begin with. Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich are more left than Obama, and they’re not even as left as it gets.

It would behoove you to read something on the other side of the fence, if only to be better able to formulate your arguments. Try Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, and then tell me how left Obama is. He’s a fucking mouseburger compared to even Helen Keller. Obama’s nowhere near a Communist or Socialist.

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@aprilsimnel said: ‘It would behoove you to read something on the other side of the fence, if only to be better able to formulate your arguments.’

Looks like were just making the same argument from opposite sides.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv No, you aren’t making any argument at all, you are just making unsubstantiated statements. How old are you, 19?

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