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Would you like to join me in congratulating dverhey on his 15th birthday today?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 27th, 2009 from iPhone

Happy Birthday to an awesome music dude!!
Sorry I just had to do it :P

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Happy Birthday, dude!

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Hope it’s a very special day for you, young lad.

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Happy Bday you’re 15,
a strange age right between
angst and authority know what I mean?
Hope it’s a defining year in your life!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * H A P P Y * * B I R T H D A Y * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Feliz CumpleaƱos

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My daughter Fly just turned 15 yesterday. Here’s to the June babies. :)

Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday!

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To the fine young man with the impeccable music taste who has a broader, more impressive knowledge than most music aficionados twice his age….Happy Birthday!

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Wowsa.. 15, he sounds (types) a lot older. That is a compliment.

My lame gift to you.

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Happy 15th Birthday!

augustlan: so you’re playing matchmaker?

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Best Wishes!

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How did I not see this before I went to bed?

Well, thanks everybody.

Cake anyone?

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@dverhey: yeah, yeah…but what do you think of @augustlan‘s daughter?

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Happy Birthday!
Okay, he went to bed… Where’s the beer?

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@dverhey Well I told you I did this

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@Tink1113 Right, you did. Oh well… I was tired. I found it now.

@cprevite (Insert awkward teenager response here)

@filmfann I’m awake now, but carry on.

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= )
What did you do?

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@cprevite I claimed him already!! :)

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Right. Well, because my parents are divorced, I went to my mom’s house, had some cake, presents, and then went to my dad’s house and had some more cake.

That’s really about it. I like low-key birthdays.

And sometimes, low-key means not fighting over me… :)

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Wow! Good for you! I like low-key birthdays too.
I find birthday parties for anyone over 10 to be self obsessive. You have a very mature attitude for someone who is 15.
Wait a minute, ur dutch? You didn’t mean Loki birthdays, right? That would be something to see!

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@dverhey who’s fighting?

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Nope… Not Dutch. Last name is, but I live in California. Not familiar with Loki birthdays. Do I really want to be?

I dunno. I guess for it to be a fight there has to be a 2nd party…

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@Fly -You can have him, he’s too wordy :)
Better, let’s share ‘em

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How sad, one person I was hoping would come, didn’t :(

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It’s still a party.

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Yes I know but still, I must have done something

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Happy birthday. Thanks for the cake, it was delicious.

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A birth definitely worth celebrating! Here’s to you!

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Happy birthday to dverhey, fellow music fan! Rawk!

We have a very high correlation of musical tastes on our respective accounts. :D

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@aprilsimnel -Dude I love that one!

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Happy birthday!!

I’m shocked at your age!

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Well there’s one positive thing about divorce…double the cake.

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Happy 15th Birthday! :)

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People gave alot of lurve, but no presents. So my present to you is more lurve!!!!
And I don’t know how to post links…

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@dverhey…Hey kid….just thought I would point out to you that “wordy”, as @Tink1113 described you above, is exactly how @sccrowell described me in the interview, just prior to marrying me. Just thought I would pass that on. Again, Happy Birthday! See ya…wtf

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@whatthefluther – Im not thinking of marrying him…

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@Tink1113 Well not yet, anyway.

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@chyna – Hmmmm. What’s that supposed to mean?

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@chyna…,Tread carefully…if you recall, we both recently suffered from “foot in the mouth” syndrome on another question!

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happy (belated) birthday (:

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@tiffyandthewall- So belated that he’s already turned 16 now.

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Thanks for letting me read over just how awkward this whole thread was, AC.

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