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Why do I feel sick after eating eggs?

Asked by lao5192 (1points) June 28th, 2009

After I eat scrambled eggs I get a sick feeling high up in my stomach and my arms feel weak

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It’s likely you’re not tolerant to eggs anymore, just like some people develop lactose intolerance. As everyone else is going to say, speak to your doctor because each person is different. There isn’t a hardlined answer to any health issue, because there are so many interlocking issues.

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Are you allergic to eggs? Does it vary by how much fat is used to cook the eggs? Does it happen when you eat fried eggs or boiled eggs? Sounds like you need to a) stop eating scrambled eggs, or possibly all eggs, and b) talk to your doctor.

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Have you had a flu shot? Sometimes, you can develop a reaction to eggs—at least this happened to me after my first (and now only) flu shot. It resulted in terrible rashes, and my reaction to eggs lasted 6 months. So, if your reaction to eggs is new, this may be a possibility. You can learn more from the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

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It might be too much protein. I can feel bad if I eat food such as fish. A Doctor tell me it was too much protein in one hit, that my body didn’t need, so you feel sick.

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