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How would you describe someone with grace and charm?

Asked by soundedfury (2543points) January 2nd, 2008

Take someone like Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn. Is there a good short description that you would use to describe someone with the graceful and charming air that they exuded in public life?

(I’m already aware of JFK’s use of “fey,” but I’d rather hear a term that doesn’t require too much explanation.)

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for a gentleman, I would use debonnaire

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quiet elegance.

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Elan. Exquisite (especially Hepburn). Tres chic. Poised. Stunning. Gracious. Vibrant. Gamine. Aristocratic. Cultivated. Cultured. Delicate. Dignified. Graceful. Genteel. Refined. Well-bred.

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when i think of someone having grace, I think of the word “smooth”. their words are carefully chosen and their actions seem to be without flaw. someone with charm can make a statement in a way that doesn’t seem snooty or self-promoting and it may even make the listener feel good about his/her self

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Regal and debonnaire are fantastic words!

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Gracious and refined.

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