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If a doctor told you that fluther was bad for you, would you stop?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) June 30th, 2009

You know how we all complain about being addicted to fluther? We want to stop, but can’t?

What if it was serious? What if a professional you respected told you that it was harming your relationships with your family, and causing you to miss work, and appear distracted and dazed when not on the computer. What would you do? Would you believe fluther is that bad? Would you try to quit? Or would you deny everything, and keep on being here with your friends?

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I c…c…can’t. Tried. Came back.

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If I thought he was right, I’d quit.

If I thought he might be right, but probably was not, I’d get a second opinion.

Just like any other advice I get from doctors.

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I’m squirbel. I came back. :(

if you say ‘i told you so…’, imma wring your neck. :P

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If people feel they might be addicted they should try not coming to the site for a month.

If they can’t do it and it causes a negative influence in their life, then it is indicative of a problem.

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I’d kill him in his sleep shouting, “RESPECT THE JELLY, RESPECT THE JELLY” the whole time.

not that I’m addicted or anything.

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I would quit, and not look back. I have seen what Second Life has done to people.
And, as harmless as Fluther is. (ok, that would be denial)
My family and loved ones come first.
Besides, there is always when they are sleeping and when I am at work.
CRAP! I am addicted…

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@Daloon; Do you lie awake at night in order to think up these questions?

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No, @gailcalled. I “cheated” on this one. I have asked it before, elsewhere. Lately, I have been particularly bereft of questions, so when this opportunity came, I allowed myself to indulge.

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I would probably get a second opinion, but if it were necessary I’d quit cold turkey.

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Ain’t nothing comin’ between me and my Fluthering!!!

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I would think that the doctor meant I had an internet addiction problem, and not just a Fluther problem. I would only think I had a problem if family members confronted me.

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I would quit if I believed what the doctor was saing but it would be hard.

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I’d seek a second opinion, a third opinion, a fourth opinion, ask a question about it, and then, if I’m not dead yet, I’d probably quit.

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When I’m working, I can’t visit due to regulations (and monitoring). That forces me to stay away and go through daily withdrawal. Several times a day, I think about going on but know I can’t. I could quit…. I think.
I do crave the endorphin rush of Lurve.

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Whoa. I have exactly one more lurve point than you, Lupin… Weird…

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@mtl_zack man that video is viral, i’ve seen it linked 4 times over twitter/facebook

can anyone explain to me why he tried to put the remote there?

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I would cut back, but I think, overall, I’d be able to gauge a healthy amount of obsession.

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well I died on fluther, I’d know I’d die happy :)

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Ya, that video is great, aint it? I especially love when he randomy walks into the closet and 1:27

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I don’t have any sound at the moment. What’s going on there? Besides all the dancing?

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I wouldn’t ever leave Fluther And I’m not addicted

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Eh, I’m not addicted. I could quit anytime I wanted. I just don’t want to.

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@AstroChuck That’s a delusion. Bendrew puts something in the lurve that causes addiction. You cannot quit. I’ve heard there is a patch that sometimes works….

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@janbb [gasp] it must be the fluther sticker!

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@daloon he’s screaming

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I wonder…

Okay, I’ve decided to quit fluther for a week; cold turkey. I want to see how hooked I really am. I won’t be back until next Tuesday.

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No for 2 reasons. First of all, that would be a stupid thing to say. Also, i love fluther too much to let it go.

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No! Fluther is the perfect medium to counter raising kids.
It is intelligent conversation day or night.

It is the only place I can learn new things on the fly and share info I have learned.

Trust me- if I quit Fluther I would not be nice to hang around with. Fluther makes me a nicer person and in this respect is of benefit to my family.

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Nooooooo!!! Even my husband can’t make me quit Fluther. Hah!

And I’ve been here only 2 days…should I be worried?

@applesaucemanny – lol. You might be right. Maybe I should start stocking in some supply while I’m still in the early stage of addiction. Hmmmm…

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I’d get a second opinion from shilolo. And I think we’d know how THAT would turn out.

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A lot of things are “bad for you”, do you avoid all of them? I don’t! If it was critical and real consequences, yea I’d consider giving it a miss – a simple choice of which means more to me: continuing to fluther or avoiding those consequences.

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I would stop in a heartbeat if I thought the guy was credible. Luckily no credible doctor would ever suggest such a thing.

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If a doctor ever told me that Fluther was bad for me, I would immediately suspect that same doctor of being a loyal member of Askville. It would depend on just how bad Fluther was for me before I’d really agree to stop being a diehard and loyal Jelly. Since Fluther doesn’t even come close to disrupting anything in my life in regards to what is in the question’s details, I’m in good shape and I’ll be here for a long time.

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My doctor has been telling me to quit smoking for years and I haven’t. So, I really doubt that I’d be willing to quit Fluthering either.

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I would quit before he finished the sentence. It would stink but yup. Its your health.

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@Mtl_zack, I really tried not to laugh. Honestly. Because I felt sorry for the kid. But I just…couldn’t help it. Oh, dear.

I wonder what his reaction looked like after he found out his brother posted it on YouTube.

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@Mtl_zack – that was priceless.

It was hilarious when he went under the quilt dressed and came out undressed. hehe what the hell was he doing?

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Fluther isn’t really bad for me, right? Wait. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear.

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You guys know that boy was acting, right?

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@elijah: I really don’t think he was. What makes you say that?

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What is this? The Tabacco Institute’s reach extends to Fluther?
I must say I’m completely perplexed as to why that was removed. Am I missing some joke here?

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—I hear mentioning corporate coverup make Ben really ang

AstroChuck's avatar

Of course. I really need to speed up my brain with a little caffeine. God, I hate mornings.

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@andrew I can just tell. I have a teenage boy. I see the stupid stuff they do to make each other laugh. Looks just like that. I can’t see real anger in that kids face.

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“listen doc, i can quit anytime i want. i just don’t wanna.

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My doctor thinks I’m paranoid he hasn’t said so but I know thats what he’s thinking and when he tells me to Quit I know that he is planing something bad foe me

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