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Does anyone care what Michelle Obama is doing and if Barrack buys hamburgers for his staff?

Asked by JLeslie (60832points) June 30th, 2009

Did you see that two hour special following Obama in the white house? It might have been interesting if it had shown interest groups presenting ideas for him to consider, or a complaint they had, or him considering a policy with another staff member. Who cares about that dog? Who cares if he and his wife are deeply in love? I mean all of that is nice, but I care more about his intellect, deductive reasoning, knowledge of the issues at hand.

Do they show that stuff for the Republicans who are obsessed with family values?

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Not a squat.

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How is it that people are still incapable of spelling his name?

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Now that Michael Jackson is gone, the gossip mongers have to fill their time with something. May as well be showing someone being a nice guy.

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@asmonet Sorry one r, I can ask for an edit from a monitor if it bothers you.

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This is nothing new.

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Hamburgers? Hardly though I am f’n starvin’

Michelle? Depends. If it’s another goddamned report on her sleeveless pant-suits, no. If she’s reaching out to poverty-stricken, urban school children, yes. Humanitarianism is a good thing, and any media coverage is welcome in my eyes.

The love part, sure. Why not? It gives a bit of an inside look on the President’s character… as long as they don’t go over the top (which they might have…).

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@Grisaille I was thinking the sleeveless dress when I was being annoyed with the reporting on Michelle. I like her veggie garden also.

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For those of us who have been around long enough, this is very much like the way the press dealt with Jackie and John Kennedy, and the development of “Camelot.”

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I don’t see anything wrong with covering these things. It isn’t as though it’s front page news. I think Michelle is doing a good job in her position and sending a positive message. She recent came through my area promoting the value of volunteering.

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A lot of people who have never hear of Fluther seem to need something to fill the void in their lives, and so they watch these kind of specials. It sort of makes them feel like ‘real people’ are running the country again.

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Politicians are media celebrities in their own right (especially if you’re somebody like Obama). I guess that there’ll always be that Obama fanbase who’ll watch shows about him and his wife.

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If it weren’t for human interest stories, I suspect that the viewership for politics would decline steeply. The networks claim they are providing what sells. The marketers say you can not underestimate the intelligence of the viewers. People may not know shit about your politics, but if you are in love with your wife, buy hamburgers for your staff, and till a victory garden, then you must be good folks. I mean, who knew that… ahem… blacks could be civilized??? [I am being really sarcastic here. Please, no hate mail about being a racist. Why I even have a black friend oh god, there goes that sarcasm again.]

I’m sorry, but I think there is enough patronizing going on here to fill a thousand land fills. Networks patronize their audiences, not just in assuming they aren’t interested in substance, but also assuming they are all racist and had no idea that some blacks know which fork to use at a dinner party. Of course, such patronizing would be lost on the audience if the audience is what the networks think they are. None of them would know a dessert fork from a runcible spoon, either.

Get a clue! It’s a spork!

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The networks and cable channels show that stuff because people watch it. Not all people, but enough to make it possible to sell advertising slots and thus make money.

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Well I am a Republican and I really don’t care what he eats, if he gets a dog for his kids or who he loves. Unless of course it has an impact on or nation.

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@gooch are you the kind of republican that is socially liberal, but fiscally conservative?

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wtf? lol.

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Let’s just say socially if it does not impact my family I could really give two shits what people do or say in there home. Fiscally I am conservative because for the most part because the taxes I pay are wasted on progams my family does not get benifits from like bailouts. Of course this is a generalization I do agree on spending that benifits all.

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@gooch so we are very similar. I find a lot of people I know are socially liberal and fiscally conservative…the way they vote just means you probably lay slightly more importance on the money stuff, and I care more about the social stuff. Probably if we discussed 10 topics related to politics we agree on all of them. The Republicans I referred to above are the Christian right, moral value, holier than thou group, that sems to think that love and marriage is very important for a president.

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I am a Christian and I personally do think that morals are very important in my life. I do not consider myself “holier than thou”. Many of my personal decisions are based on my morals and religion but I also think everyone has the right to their own after all this is America not so communist country. I don’t judge other agains my ways because we have been brought up through different cultures. This is the beauty of America each culture having the freedom to worship as they wish.

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@gooch and that is why you are not the kind of Christian I am talking about. :) I am not grouping you all together.

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Oh I did not take it in that manner. Like the saying goes “if the shoe fits wear it”. I think I would be an “old school” Democrat which I think is closer to the “new age” Republican.

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@gooch Funny, I think you are what the Republican party WAS, or was meant to be. Hopefully your party will move towards these ideals in the new age.

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while i think it’s awesome that the obama family is so down-to-earth and whatnot, i am so sick of the constant stalking of them. every time i hear about that goddamn dog…

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They are our employees. Would like to know what they are up to.

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