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Would you pay a premium for commercial-less television?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) June 30th, 2009

For some really odd reason, a thought popped into my head: Why is it that we pay for cable – a premium service – yet still have to sit through commercials every 10 minutes or so?

“It’s the networks that receive checks from the ad companies, not the cable provider!” I told myself, realizing my stupidity.

Then, another thought entered my head: Would a customer pay a premium – say 20 dollars extra/month – for commercial free TV?

I personally don’t watch television all that much (save for the movie channels every so often), so I wouldn’t. What about you?

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There didn’t used to be commercials on a lot of cable stations back in the 80’s

No, I need to make my snacks and use the rest room.

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We used to pay for cable service and receive commercial free shows, like the Disney Channel, and Nickelodian, but they just couldn’t make it without.

Now, we have cable because there are a lot more options from all over the world than antenna allows, and we don’t mind paying for it.

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no way; i love commercials :)

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I haven’t paid for cable in several years and now that just about any show or movie is viewable online at times I choose then I pay my premium via a monthly internet charge and get all I can out of it.

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I’d pay an extra $10/month for uninterrupted TV viewing.

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as @hungryhungryhortence said, with the internet, programs like Boxee, services like Hulu, etc. you can watch commerical-less TV now.

and, if you have TiVO, you can essentially do that now, paying a fee.

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Well, with Hulu, there are those 30 second breaks here and there.

And yes, I’m very much aware of the online VoD services offered nowadays. Hell, many networks offer such a thing on their own websites.

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I would have before, but with the advent of DVD and online shows, what’s the point?

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@Grisaille granted, there are ads on hulu, but not nearly as prevalent as on TV.

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Originally I thought things such as HBO, Showtime, and the other premium channels were commercial-free. They still seem to be the few times I see them when I stay in a hotel.

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@Darwin yeah, they don’t interrupt their programming for ads. but they sometimes have ads BETWEEN shows, which isn’t as bad.

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@eponymoushipster Just about as frequent, I’d say. It’s the fact that they are infinitesimal that makes them so painless. Really, I can’t imagine I’ve watched an ad that lasted more than 30 seconds on any VoD service.

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@eponymoushipster – Well, since that is the case my answer would be no, I wouldn’t pay a premium for commercial-free channels, because I don’t pay a premium for any of those premium channels.

Besides, when would I go to the bathroom, make a snack, or let the dogs out (or in) if there were no commercials?

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For those of us old enough to remember…

The original promise of cable television was to be commercial free. That was the lie they told to the public in order for people to sign up. Broadcast TV had the lions share and it was free. Slowly over time, the commercials began playing. I don’t know this for a fact, but I believe the birth of the cable TV Infomercial got it started.

Commercialism will try and sell you anything. The oldest trick in the book is to find something that is popular and free, and turn it into a sellable item.

XM Radio
Bottled Water
Web Site Domain names and Consulting of all flavors.

Some of the nightclubs even sell Oxygen Shots.

Plant a garden and throw a free tomato at any salesman who tries to sell you something that you already get for free.

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