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Have you ever taken a lengthy hiatus from fluther, and why?

Asked by mrswho (1690points) July 1st, 2009

I just returned from my own extended fluther break because I grew to be horribly addicted and so I quit cold turkey. What about you, were you able to swim away from the collective for any amount of time?

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Only one time, because our Internet didn’t work for like a week, I was away from Fluther for like 3 days, but then I discovered Internet on my phone and it was not a good idea because I went over the bill like 60$ but that didn’t stop me

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I was gone for about 2 weeks back in October/November of last year because we were leaving the ice and I was travelling around New Zealand. Otherwise, I’m happily addicted.

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I stopped for a while (several weeks) in 2008 while my mom was very ill.

This year I stopped when I was working on an out-of-state move.

Oddly, when I am completely away from Fluther ,I don’t miss it. But it’s the Lays Potato Chip of Web sites. You can’t come on just once.

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Yes, to sleep.

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I’ve only disapeared for a few days because I’m busy IRL. I’ve also skipped a couple of days because none of the current questions were appealing to me. But that’s about it.

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I left (mostly) for a few months, because I was busy with school, and as Marina said, there is no such thing as a little bit of Fluther.

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i drift in and out from time to time, i think the problem is that it’s become more of an “discuss your emotions” forum and that’s not really what i’m looking for in fluther, but ever so often an interesting tech question or something that’s not related to total BS comes along that catches my attention.

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Yeah i’ve been on a break for a few weeks here. Just haven’t had a chance to jump on and respond to people. But i didn’t stop because i was addicted or something.

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I returned, not too long ago, from a self imposed seven month hiatus. My desktop PC crashed and I have some difficulty with the iPhone so I was able to quit cold turkey, without too much difficulty. Besides, I had several projects that required attention and fully occupied my time. The projects are done, including a new PC, so I’ve returned, and, as usual, I am enjoying my time spent here. See ya….wtf

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When i first got my Fluther account i was on it all day, every second ! i loved it, now i go on when i remember. i should make more time ! :)

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