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Would you take someone on a surprise weekend to the Hotel de Glace?

Asked by softtop67 (1256points) July 1st, 2009

In Canada there is a hotel made completely of ice. Thought it would be a great romantic getaway. Wondering how many others feel the same

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Depends. Is it a date with someone that I just started seeing, or a long-time lover?

Ya see, ice and cold tends to make us guys… shrink. That’s kinda hard to live down.

In all seriousness, yeah. I’ve heard of places similar and it sounds awesome. I’d love to go, just don’t have anyone to go with.

Great, now I’m depressed again. * Crawls back into little hole *

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Seems cool, theoretically, though I know my wife would hate it. She’s cold when it is 70 degrees outside. I doubt she would enjoy being freezing cold, all the time…

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Absolutely. I’d be there right now if I had more cash.. and it was winter.. Still, it looks amazing.

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