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Google-able questions: Do you want for more?

Asked by sanari (485points) July 2nd, 2009

Somehow when I refresh the page, I see lots of googleable questions and I find myself yearning for something a bit more… challenging.

I’m not a doggie, and I don’t feel like playing fetch today.

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I think the best questions are one’s where you get people’s opinions. Thats what I like to look for. Not really wikipedia answerable questions. (answerable a word?)

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I’m feeling the same way today…

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The question bin has been a bit on the sparse side.

My challenge to all who are feeling it is to come up with a good, thought-provoking Q of your own.

Who’s with me? I’m maxed out. (Note; not saying my Qs were good. I just wanted to prime the pump.)

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Meh, I’m more of an answerer than a querier.

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@sanari Then whineth not!

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No, I don’t see the true purpose of fluther as asking questions just to start discussion, I’m still stuck in the old fluther where questions were asked on a need-to-know basis. Like, you genuinely need to know the answer to something. The rest of this is a farce.

But that’s a different complaint for a different time [ie, never.]

It just hasn’t grown on me yet.

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I’m fried. And just woke up.

Maybe I’ll do The Great Fluther Social Experiment MK. II today. Been bouncing around ideas to make it more fun/approachable/etc.

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What do you guys think?

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[mod says] Please keep in mind that easily googleable questions are now allowed. We encourage everyone to answer them kindly.

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I don’t like it, but the Fluther Gods say it’s ok, so I guess I’m chopped liver.

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I’ll answer the questions that can be Googled although they aren’t my favorites. I see it as a challenge for me to compose great answers that I can give from personal knowledge and/or life experiences and I relish those opportunities. I’m also fond of giving good advice (hopefully anyway) to those that might be seeking it and that is certainly worthwhile also.

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