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Would you stay with your boyfriend or girlfriend if they told you they are bisexual?

Asked by Ruki (75points) July 2nd, 2009
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It would only matter to me if they decided they wanted to start seeing someone else in addition to me.

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What @The_Compassionate_Heretic said.

But I am a guy. So naturally, the raunchy thoughts enter my head. Sure, why not?

EDIT: In fact, I’ve dated two bisexual women in my life. One was just mildly attracted, the other was kinda hardcore about it.

It was nice, as we’d be at McDonalds and she’d be all like, “Dude… look at the chick with the nice ass at the counter.”

Life was better then.

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i am too, so don’t see why i’d haver a problem with them being bisexual…

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Of course I would, I have no issue with people’s various sexualities

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Of course. Is there any reason not to?

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I would actually prefer it.

I would be cool if I got dumped for someone that had the same parts as my SO.

I hate cheating so as long as they are faithful I don’t care.

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Bisexuality would not be my problem. My issue would be knowing that there might not be anything I could do to be enough, sexually, for the person. I don’t think it would have to necessarially be relationship-ending though.

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I have dated bisexual men, and have no problem with it at all.

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Yes I would stay with them. In fact I might see about pushing that a bit ;) ....

No seriously though, unless they’re planning on cheating on me or something, or have gone completely homosexual… I would have no reason to think less of them or take offense.

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If a girlfriend told me she was bi, i would ask this, in this order:

1) Really?
2) Is your girlfriend bi as well?
3) When is she coming over?
4) uhm, if i faint, will you wake me up when she gets here?

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I married one, and I am one, so, no.

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This is a trick question, right?

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It was too late to edit my answer so here’s the edit

Probably not.

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I would say, “Prove it!”

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Of course. Two of my five g/fs have been bi. Why should I care who they might be attracted to if we weren’t going out?

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I think it’d be surprising, coming from my husband…I mean, that’s something you’d think you would know about a person ;)

Wouldn’t bother me, as long as they were faithful.

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@casheroo faithful meaning what in this context? Aware of his/her orientation but serially monogamous?

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@avalmez Faithful as in not cheat on me, no matter who the person is. I don’t care who he finds attractive, as long as he doesn’t act on it.

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Gotcha. I have to think that’s something very difficult for a bi person to do but my thought has no real basis. In fact, probably prejudicial on my part.

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@avalmez Actually it’s not hard for bisexuals to be monogamous, or not any more than it is for hets or homos anyway. I never understand why people think it is.

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Prudish upbringing + prurient mind = prejudice (sorry for any misspelling but typing + cocktails (happy 4th all of ya’ll) = sloppiness :)

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@avalmez Well you recognize it, which is better than many many people! :) I still don’t entirely see where that misconception stems from (and don’t think it’s just you – so many people assume that!), but maybe I’ll just see if it’s been asked before and if not… ask it. :)

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Of course!

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I lived with one for several years and like others mention, the relationship was about us and not to do with who all they were capable of having attractions to.

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There is a very easy way to tell for sure if someone is bisexual. They have yellow pages in the middle of their little black book. (okay, that’s a joke).

Hell, I’m bisexual, my darling wife is bisexual, and we have lots of fun pointing out hot guys and gals to each other all the time. It’s kind of like having a gay friend that likes the same types of people that you like.

Now if they drove a Jeep or enjoyed liver and onions as a meal, that would be reason to not stay with them.

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Why would it matter? Does that make the person any less faithful?

I really like it though. I mean come on how awesome is it to check out other girls with your girlfriend. Thats just made of win.

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wrong question. pardon me, I’m a little drugged up

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probably yes, if I were satisfied with the relationship. it would probably bother me if she cheated, regardless of whether it was with a man or a woman.

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Yes. Oh! And I know my boyfriend’s answer too! It’s also yes. Though I think I really threw another Fluther-ite for a loop by talking about my ex-girlfriend once.

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If they told me? They better be.

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Only if I got to participate. ;)

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She did tell me that, and became my wife.

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Sure, although I’m having a really hard time imagining that confession coming out of my current Bear! 0.o

Checking out men together is fun said the veteran fag hag. Only problem I ever had there was the drama! Granted, not every gay or bi man is like that (nor are other demographics exempt from it), but that was most often my experience.

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