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Is there a milestones manager application for Mac?

Asked by mirza (5057points) July 3rd, 2009

So here’s the deal i want an application that backs up and makes copies of files on a specific folder (in my case it’s my folder for web design/dev stuff). I need something that makes backups of this folder and allows me to revert the changes.

I know Time Machine does this but i want the back up on my local machine so that i can use it while on the go (and also i only need to packup usually one folder). SVN does it too but need something for offline use (since i tend to get a lot of work done during my commute). CSS Edit has a nice milestone manager too but it only does it for the css (not the html, psd or image files).

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Use a DVCS like bzr or git. You can work offline.

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i am a mac user but i’m not sure i have the right knowledge…so don’t froth or anything at my ineptitude !! but….could you not put your stuff on an external hard drive….particularly if you are moving around…

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Get Mobile Me. It includes an application that does exactly this.

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