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What qualities in a girl attract teenage guys now?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve been in two relationships so far. The first one ended bad, the second wasn’t my fault. Is it just me or them? I know I may not be the girliest girl out there, but I’m fun to be around with. Am I missing something? You teenage guys out there, tell me what qualities do most guys want now

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You are young. Let me give you some advice. I am old.

Don’t change to hook up with others. It is a lot better when someone wants to be with you for the real you.

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I think that not much has changed. It is still boobs.

Once they get past that it will be many things – different for each guy. Some look for similarity in taste, some for differences that interest. There is no formula. Take a look at their mothers and how they relate to them. If they get on well, use the mother as a baseline. If they don’t – then shy away form that baseline.

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Large boobs and or butt…. but I’m not a guy so Idk

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My advice is to be confident, driven by your own personal goals and not care what others think of you.

Intellect goes a long way in attracting a guy.

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Not being girly is a good start. Nothing better than a girl who rocks power tools and doesn’t care about a bit of sweat and grime. Even if that’s not you, I presume that you at least aren’t overly concerned with fashion and gossip and all of those things that send a knot of nausea and dread into the stomach of any guy worth his salt. Being fun to hang out with, and having a good sense of humor and a strong intellect to back it up and carry an interesting discussion, are musts; in any decent relationship, you’ll be spending a lot of time together, so that time had better be good. In my case, I also require that the girl have a practical outlook and have the habit of being rational rather than emotional. If you’ve got all of these qualities, the physical attraction will probably work itself out. All of this varies between guys, of course, but I think that a lasting relationship is more likely to come from guys who look for “friendship” qualities like the ones I gave, rather than being romantic; romance fades, but the trials and joys of everyday life together remain.

Oh, and if she can beat me in badminton: sexay!

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Oh, Tink. C’mon, now!

You’re a respected and beloved member of the site. You know the answer to the question. Be yourself – if a guy doesn’t like you, accepting you for all of the qualities you have and don’t have, why would you want him?

You want a guy that likes you, not the image you put on to attract guys. Don’t be silly.

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@CrazyRedHead spot on, and we don’t even care much about the latter…

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Awwww you guys
Thanks : )

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Hey Pengy! Just find a guy who likes the way you waddle – don’t change a thing! :-)

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I was thinkin the same question!
i would say that you mainly have to be yourself an have lots of fun and i know you must be fun from talking to you and a guy has to like you for you and i hope this is right since im not a guy :P

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@Tink1113: You are 14; you are just starting; you shouldn’t think about “what guys like.” 14-year-old males are identical idiots but they will mature and all be different. You will find people you are compatible with; nature will take care of that. Just make sure the pool is filled with water before you dive in.

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Guys just like girls at 14. Most are not looking for a long term relationship so just have fun and be friends. I promise just being real and hanging out and doing stuff together is all it takes…Don’t fart in front of him or anything though.

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@gooch I don’t want a long term relationship either I just want someone that I can trust, and be friends with.
I promise I won’t :)

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@Jack79 Glad I know how to attract them hahaha

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@Tink1113 – to answer the main question: girls who can skate

just teasin’ =)

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