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I just killed a millipede that i found on top of my bed comforter, what should I do?

Asked by jdogg (871points) July 4th, 2009

It was about an inch long and I see a millipede or centipede around the house atleast 1 every few months…should i search through my wole bed or what?

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Scream like a little girl, jump up & down and wave your arms hysterically. That’s what I would do.

On a more serious note, I’ve never seen more than one at a time, so I don’t think they’re pack insects (is there such a thing? ants, maybe). In all likelihood it was just the one, and you can sleep peacefully.

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At only an inch long, it is just a baby. Likely, it’s parents are looking for you, so don’t worry about tearing apart your whole bed; they’ll find you. ;-) ~~

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why must you be so mean? :( now im going get no sleep at all…

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Sorry, but millipedes are one of the least harmful bugs out there, unless you are rotting wood. They do not normally inhabit beds, so I was surprised to hear you killed one there. Does this look harmful?

As a matter of prevention of any impending millipede swarm, read some of the information on this page. Trust me, they’re not interested in you.

Edit: Also, the big ones don’t live in the US, except as pets.

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now thats what i was looking for! :) but the pics still creep me out! thanx for your guys help!

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No, that was an advance scout. The horde will strike later – when you are sound asleep.

Why kill something that isn’t a threat? I can never understand that.

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Removed by me. Off topic.

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@ru2bz46 Not to keep harping on it, but ask yourself that question next time you shoot “any croc you see” in the bush. They’re not all out to get you.

Get real. They are out to get anyone that they can. Because of recent events it looks as though the Government is about to cull them – at last.

You apparently have no experience of Australian Saltwater Crocodiles – why are you commenting? They attack at any opportunity and often kill people – mostly women over the last three decades.

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Rejoice in the fact that your species is mighty, and theirs is weak and insignificant.

Then RAWR!

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Field dress it and let us know what it’s Boone/Crockett scores are.

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well guess what…I am officially FREAKED! I have a bite near my ancle and it looks like its infected or something but they veins around it are turning purple and becoming visible….i know millipedes can’t bite but cenipedes can!!!

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removed by me…wrong window

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@jdogg I don’t think it’s a centipede bite. Could it be bed bugs?

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Kneel and pray it doesn’t have pissed off relatives.

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well no major swelling, just a little lump about the surface area of a dime…no reactions or pain either

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I’m thinking bed bug bite. They’ve been getting more common in the last couple years. If you start getting more, or if you keep getting one every night or so, you may want to have a pest control come out and check your home for pests. It could also be a spider bite, and it probably won’t come back for another meal. The spider will bite once in self defense while the bed bug will dine on your blood often.

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it went away so im thinking it must have been a spider bite, or a mutated ginormous misquito bite.

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