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What is the most logical shape for a china/ceramic/glassware dinnerplate?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) October 1st, 2021 from iPhone

The traditional plate is a circle shape. Is this the optimal shape? Is it strictly personal preference as long as the food fits?

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Circle is great! Less likely to hit a corner and break the plate.

I do think square and rectangular can be very pretty and for some items on the plate it can utilize the space better.

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it is all personal preference.

I have round dinner plates, square salad plates, rectangular appetizer/dessert plates. But one of my favorite plates is an oval plate from Henry’s Hunan in San Francisco.

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Logic and flexibility = round. But boring.

I have seen square dinner plates, and also paisley-shaped (sort of tear-drop.) The paisly shape is kind of cool to see, but it can’t be easy to wash or store.

For home use -> personal taste.

If you’re running a restaurant -> different answer based on the impression you want to make.

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Square. They fit in a more practical manner whether being stored or used. No wasted space.

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A lot of plates were traditionally thrown on a ceramic wheel. Hence the circular shape.

Though if you’re working with a ceramic mold, it probably just comes down to preference.

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I have several square and rectangular plates that were made using a cheesecloth sling while they are drying and hardening.

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