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Anyone know about memory foam mattresses?

Asked by tadpole (709points) July 4th, 2009

looking for a decent one….don’t really want to pay all that money for the tempur range….anyone know what the ergoflex are like?...meant to be as good but half the price….any links or alternatives much appreciated…read some negative feedback about dodgy marketing tactics by ergoflex in and has put me in doubt…

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I looked at the tempur range and they feel heavenly. I was ready to buy one when a salesperson told me they are hot to sleep in. Because you do sink into them and they conform to your body, they trap body heat. That is great in cold weather but I live in the tropics so I opted for a good ole Posturpedic.

So I didn’t really answer your question specifically but I imagine the same drawback applies to ergoflex and all similar type mattresses.

Just something to think about depending on the climate where you live.

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The first night I slept on my parents’ tempurpedic bed was great. (I was dogsitting, in case you’re wondering.) The second night was hell. it was too much pressure for my bad knee plus I kept having to get up and walk around because my lower back hurt. My Mom has gotten up several times during the night with the same symptoms for ages. I was quite glad to let her know that it wasn’t old age, just the really expensive bed.

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do not go for the cheaper versions. They just don’t cut the mustard. With this product, you get what you pay for

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yes…i don’t think i will try a cheapo alternative….not worth the risk…i think the new tempur and ergoflex stuff come with a new layer that allows air to circulate which helps deal with the heat issue, which is a common complaint it seems…

i live in the uk…which of course means that the weather can be anything and everything…hate to sound like a stereotypical brit….not at all obsessed with the weather :).....

think i’ll just have to try the ergoflex…good prices at the moment due to sale…...see how i get on… has lots of positive feedback…

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