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Guys: What are some things that you like and hate in a girl?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 4th, 2009

I was just curious to know what guys hate and like about girls because it’ll help me when i have guy problems since i like someone alot :)

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Hate mind games!
As in, when they tell you they want or don’t want something to make stuff easier for you, just to see if you’ll go out of your way to make them happy AND know what they do/don’t want. Example:

Me “Wanna go out for dinner?”
Her “No we can stay in tonight”
(2 hours later)
Her “We never go out to dinner anymore”
Me ”- _ -”

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@TabernakAttack lol! That made me laugh :P
yeah, i guess that’s a good point, ill try to keep that in mind.

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i hate it when they smoke and wear excessive makeup.

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Hate: high maintenance.

Like: Down to earth and honest.

And to repeat an old joke, when the Indian chief was asked why his wife was named Four Horses, he frowned and replied, “Nag, nag, nag, nag!”

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I’ll second @TabernakAttack ‘s “mindgames” as one of the top annoyances. One of the classics is an uber-peeve of mine.

Her: “Do these pants make me look fat?”
Me: “Yes, they do.”
Her: “You’re so insensitive”
Me: ”- _ -”


==Hard Place==
Her: “Do these pants make me look fat”
Me: “No, they don’t”
Her: “Are you lying to me just to make me feel good? Just be honest!”
Me: ”- _ -”

Or the other classic example:

Her: “Do you want to go to the store with me?”
Me: “Not really.. I just end up following you around with the cart and waiting while you look at all the nutrition information or the price on everything that goes into the cart”
Her: “You never want to do things with me.”

==Hard Place==
Her: “Do you want to go to the store with me?”
Me: “Sure, honey”
Also Me: For hours following her around with the cart: ”- _ -”

==and so I…..==
Hate: High Maintenance (it’s Wednsday.. time for my weekly pedicure), Valley-Girl-ness (Like, OMG you guys), Overly-Opinionated (always has to be right)

Like: Honesty (even if it need be brutal), Adventurous, Relaxed and Easy Going (not intense and in-my-face)

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I would like intelligence and would loathe bitchiness.

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I have to agree with the mind games:

me: I don’t have money for our anniversary , but I still want to spend a meaningful evening with you
her: okay, i appreciate your honesty and desire to still do something special, even if it’s low budget
(we do)
a few days after-

Her: We never do anything anymore, I din’t feel like we did anything besides just hang out for our anniversary.
Me: But we talked about important things and got to know each other better and shared our feelings and some deep secrets
Her: I’m tired of the monotony of just hanging out and not doing much
Me: okay next time will be different:
(next time we go to a nice restaurant, maybe watch a movie, and go do some activity out side the house and then say we both had a good time)
few days later- her: We had fun But i don’t feel like we did anything meaningful in the relationship.

Be direct. say what you really want don’t do the “you don’t have to get me anything for(insert event/holiday here)” and then get mad if the guy doesn’t get you EXACTLY what you wanted.

Love: honesty, speaking their mind, telling me what’s up and how I can help.

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Love independance
Hate insecurity

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@Bobbydavid Yes! I forgot insecurity. All the damn testing. My Ex apparently didn’t get that I was in love with her, so she constantly made me feel guilty about things to see how I would handle the pressure and reassure her that I was intent on being with her and seeing how much of her shit I could take.. (Of course she was unsurprisingly the one to dump me and get with another guy in like a week and a half)

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any time they’re not cooking, cleaning, having babies, or having sex with me…

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haha I’m just messing around.

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yeah but i just enjoyed the excuse to use that picture

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I like and hate that all women are crazy.

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