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Girls: Is it attractive for a male to have long eyelashes?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) July 4th, 2009
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Yes. Even though I might have missed out myself, it gives me hope for the second generation. =p

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Yes, I have long black eyelashes and i like when a guy has them too!! :p

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oh cool i have long ones too…my future daughters will be thrilled…

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I had an ex (long time ago when I dated guys) who had gorgeous, long lashes and chocolate brown eyes. I loved it. Pretty eyes.

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Very attractive :)

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Sure. Not that he’d be unattractive without them.

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I doubt I would even notice.

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It’s nice, but not a requirement.

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i think it is (:

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I guess I’ll quit trimming mine, then. Geez, I knew I was doing something wrong!!!

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Well, actually, I usually get complements for mine (if I must say so myself…)

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Yes. Not a deal maker or breaker, though.

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I hope so. I have long eyelashes.

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I love them, and am envious at the same time.

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Yes they are adorable :)

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I don’t really focus on the eyelashes… I don’t think it makes a HUGE difference in either gender. I think all of my exes have long eyelashes, and my SO… So maybe I am subconsciously drawn to them.

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Absolutely!! :-) My 2 sons have long lashes I wish I had. When they’re crying it’s more noticeable and when they’re sleeping.

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