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What are some tips for boosting your ego?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 6th, 2009

You know how you feel like you are good at one thing and it really helps your ego all your life. And then bam, you realize you aren’t that good. How does one recover from that?

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be a man – suck it up

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Break stuff!

But really, what nikipedia says… She’ll know.

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Get better at it. Talent is a drop in the bucket next to perseverance.

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lol @dverhey I think this is a good suggestion…in the meantime anyway…whilst you’re discovering what else you are good at…

Come on…tell us what else you are good at…let rip…you know there is something else there..once you get started I bet you won’t be able to stop… x

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never ever believe anyone always know best….

marry someone who adores you…

talk to women..they listen more than men….

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Don’t be sad about it. Be happy! You’re no longer deluded. Those people you see in the beginning weeks of American Idol, i.e., the ones that think they can sing but can’t, did you want to be like THEM??? The best thing to happen to the emperor was when the kid shouted “The emperor has no clothes”. Did you want to walk around without clothes, rhetorically speaking? I hope not.

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Go to grad school :-P

In all seriousness, cognitive therapists suggest making a list of your positive attributes, keeping it with you (i.e. in your wallet), and then when you are feeling down, looking at your list for an ego boost.

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Taking my pants off and realizing…. yah, I’m WAY bigger than all of those fuckers….

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Make sure you are not harboring negative thoughts about yourself that run like a tape in your head. Each time you catch yourself thinking something negative about your abilities, stop and turn it into a positive phrase and say it out loud.

That breaks the pattern. Yes, it feels awkward at firts, but it does work.

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@westy81585 oh dear oh dear oh dear, life is deeper than that….so i tell myself :)

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Realize that there is a HUGE difference between ego and confidence. Dump the ego and just be confident that, although you may not be the best, you are damn good at what you do.

I can hang with someone who is confident but can’t stand a motherfucker with a huge ego.

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@tadpole Ehhh, if I’m just trying to boost my ego, that works.

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Never mind about ego. It’ll just get you in trouble.

Now, if it’s about your confidence, what you accomplish will do that for you. And if you set goals for yourself and achieve them, that is accomplishment., You don’t have to beat somebody else. Unless you’re someone like Michael Phelps, there’s always going to be somebody better. But if you fulfill your potential, that’s something to be proud of, regardless of what others do. Believe me, that’ll give you all the boost you need.

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it is ok to feel down about something, but don’t let that take over your life. there are so many things in life, that you are making a mistake if you only focus on one thing (that might have been what got you to ts point in the first place assuming you were talking about yourself in this question)

… orrrr go play a round of mini golf with a friend or a couple friends. there is no such thing of good or bad when you are having fun =)

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@mirza Great to see you Fluthering!

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consult a republican

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Q: What are some tips for boosting your ego?
A: Booze

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Stop wasting your time putting energy into your ego and you’ll have no need to recover the next time you find out somebody somewhere is better than you.

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Realize these things aren’t set in stone. Achievement is more important than raw talent. You can get a long long way with hard work.

Ask yourself what’s the one next step you can take toward reaching your goal right now? What can you do today that would make you proud of yourself by the end of the day?

I’d go along with the idea of dropping ego. You also want to drop ideas like perfection, and strive for excellence instead.

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