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Did you get any traits from your grandparents that skipped over your parents?

Asked by Supacase (14563points) July 6th, 2009

My mom takes herself a little too seriously sometimes. My grandmother, on the other hand, does not. She unintentionally makes us howl with laughter fairly often, but she never gets upset. Once we can finally breathe enough to tell her why we are laughing, she starts laughing, too.

There are a million examples, but the one that immediately comes to mind is the first time I brought my now-husband over to meet her and Grandpa. She was trying to be “good” and didn’t want to curse. She took it a little far when she was going to say “Saddam” and said “Sadang” instead. My husband (boyfriend at the time) tried SO hard not to laugh. Bless his heart. :)

I guess I got my ability to laugh at myself from Grandma.

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I look exactly like my maternal grandfather (but nothing like either of my parents).

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I got my male pattern baldness from my maternal Grandpa, I got my height from somewhere on that side of the family as well. The only thing I got from my Dad’s parents is a wicked sense of humor (my Grandfather, who died when I was 7 months old, was quite the kidder, I’ve heard), and Flemish ears.

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I have my grandfather’s feet, unfortunately for me, and I was always told that I had my great grandfather’s nose.

They were given to me – I didn’t take them! Really!

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I wouldn’t know

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I’m going take a page right out of @evelyns_pet_zebra‘s book and jump on the male pattern baldness bandwagon. I inherited that from my grandfather and I’ll never forgive him for it! It’s actually not that big of an issue. I’m pretty sure I can attribute my large capacity for patience and compassion coming from my grandmother’s side and I’ve always been thankful for those specific traits.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: At least they’re not phlegmish ears.

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common sense.

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Yes, I got mild IBS (when I’m upset/sad). ONLY my grandfather had this trait. No one in my intermediate family has it.

I also got Republican-ism from grandma :)

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@seekingwolf Republicanism can be cured, you know. There is hope for you, too.

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Of all my siblings and first cousins, I most closely resemble my paternal grandmother physically and in demeanor. I am also the only one to date that has had the ALS gene mutation manifest into the disease we share (her in the past-tense).

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I’m the only one in my entire family, out of over 55 living relatives, that has blue eyes. Apparently my paternal great grandfather had them, but we can’t tell because color photography wasn’t invented then.

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edited out by my ownself

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aww thanks :) but I’m not sure.

Sometimes I kind of like my stodgy, stubborn ways!
My grandmother and I both liked McCain and talk about the GOP a lot. My mom (former hippie) rolls her eyes and leaves the room hehehe

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I got a lot more from my maternal grandmother than my mother including my build, my temperament, a passion for the medical field, a sixth sense, an appreciation for oddities and curiosities, a mischievous sparkle in my eye, and some unfortunate medical issues.

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Musical ability. It didn’t skip my dad’s whole generation, but it sure skipped him.

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Actually I have heard that Male Pattern Baldness is not determined by your fathers side at all but by your mother’s father. Just throwing that out there, I have heard it a few places, I haven’t actually done much research on it so there might be more or less to the story.

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My boobs. Actually, they must have skipped a bunch of generations. We have no idea where they came from.

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My grandparents never had children and neither have I.

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I got my grandfather’s loud voice (with the deadly combination of his bad hearing)

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Boobs from my paternal grandmother which my father definitely didn’t have! The rest of my body type is more him than my mom, too, no ass and slim legs. Put me in a housedress and I’d probably be Grandma.

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My father has been a hard scientist most of his life. I felt like I could have been one, but I deliberately decided to go in a different direction, because I thought that would be more challenging for me. I also wasn’t an artist, although my mother was very interested in art. My grandmother was an artist, and my brother seemed to get that.

Anyway, it looks like my son has both a scientific frame of mind and an artistic bent. I don’t know how he’ll end up, but it seems like several things have skipped me.

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Wow. Yeah, just about everything that’s been positive.
Work ethic, empathy, ambition, resiliency, social realism, responsibility.

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I got my eyes from my maternal great grandmother, no one else in the family has eyes the same color. I got my chest (much smaller than my sisters’) from my grandmother. I also go my grandmother’s incredibly outgoing personality and somewhat cranky demeanor.

@ratboy I find your post confusing… Wouldn’t your grandparents have had to had kids in order for you to be around?

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@SuperMouse It just means he was found under a cabbage leaf.

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@Darwin, thanks for the clarification! Maybe he is an immortal like The Highlander, no parents and one hell of a swordsman.

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@SuperMouse With a name like ratboy?

Besides, there is only one Highlander.

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@Darwin You are right, Duncan, Darius, or Richie Ryan would suit an immortal better.

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I got hairy legs from my mom’s father (my dad, for the parts that I care to see, is bald as far as body hair goes)

I’m taller than anyone (in terms of the specifically mentioned family members) than anyone, with the possible exception of my grandfather on my father’s side since I’ve never met Or seen a photo come to think of it. Though I’m only Average at 5’ 7”

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