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So, have you ever dropped a Motorola RAZR or other phone in the toilet (one with just water) and had it still work after that?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) July 7th, 2009

I think you know where I’m going with this…Any hints or tips? I feel like such an idiot!

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omg, thank god someone is writing something. i’m freaking out over here!

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Don’t turn it on!

edited to add: Someone told me to put my phone in a bag of rice (to pull the moisture away) for a day or two…I did and it worked. It did a few crazy things, but overall, it worked. Something about turning it on too fast can cause a short…but I’m not into that technical side of things.

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I dropped my iPhone in the dogs water bowl. I let it dry for a few days and it works fine. I don’t know about your phone, but I hope it will dry out. Don’t use a blow dryer on it, that can force water into other areas. Just let it sit for a few days, you can try putting it in a bag of rice to help absorb the moisture.

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I hope you flushed beforehand :p

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Okay, will do. It’s Tuesday night now—when do you think it would be safe to turn it back on? Thursday?

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@mzdesigns: I hope you read the question beforehand

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My partner dropped hers in the toilet at IHOP. She fished it out and we held it up to the heater vent in my car to dry it out. It’s still going strong a year later.

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Take out the battery! Then let it dry for 72 hours. Yes I know, it’s painful. Doing so will give you a good chance of it working again.

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@TheCreative – i was just typing that ! :)

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@vegelizabeth Haha beat you to it

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I’ve had a couple phones fall into water, and I needed replacements for all of them. I even tried removing the battery and drying it all out.

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My g/f dropped hers in the toilet at a bar once…. and then she RAN IT UNDER THE FAUCET TO RINSE IT OFF! no, that did not bring it back to life haha

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the razor is a flimsy skinny phone surprise it wouldnt just break

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No, but I accidentally dropped a RAZR phone right in front of a police station (LAPD), without realizing it immediately, and it was stolen within minutes!

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lol nice protection right in front of the police station :p

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Use a blow dryer to try to get some of the water out. You’ll definitely have water damage but there’s a good chance you can still save it. When i dropped one of my old phones in water it still worked after a few hours of drying but my 3 and my 9 got messed up. I eventually had to get a new one.

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Definitely use rice like @cak recommended. I had a friend drop his phone in a kiddie pool full of fish (don’t ask – we’re biologists) for god knows how long, but taking out the battery and putting the phone in a cup of rice for two days worked like a charm, and his phone worked again. I wouldn’t use any kind of heat to try to dry it, that could short it out (my stepfather once tried to fix a keyboard he’d poured coffee into by putting it in the oven… that definitely did not work!).

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Take off the battery cover and look at the 3mm circle slightly left of center. Is it white or pink? Pull out the battery and flip it over. There is a 4–5 mm circle there, too. White or pink?
White means you lucked out and your warranty is still ok. Good luck.
Pink means you’re pregnant. :-)

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A year ago I dropped my Nokia in a dog bowl for a few seconds. Took the battery out, soaked the water with a paper towel, put it back together after a few minutes.It worked strangely for a couple weeks and all of a sudden everything was back to normal, it’s been working fine ever since.

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I have heard that putting the phone (remove battery and all external plastic shield pieces) in an oven set to warm can help speed the drying. But be careful not to cook the circuits. Use the lowest setting possible.

Did you already try to turn it on? I got the sense that it was completely dead now.

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I dropped mine in the toilet once. It was a clean bowl. But i waited for like 10 seconds while looking at my sinking and drowning phone because i couldnt bring myself to put my hand in the toilet. I finally did and stupid me i tried to turn it right on (i was young). I wouldn’t recommend either waiting while your phone gets more water-logged or turning it right on. I heard on good morning america or some such show to put it in the rice like others suggested but first take out your battery and sim card (if you have one). Good luck!
Let us all know what happens with the phone!!

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@Lupin: I bought it used, no warranty and the sticker was actually torn off, so that’s kind of a non-issue.

@All: I didn’t have any rice, so I just left it alone for a little over 72 hours and tried to turn it on. No dice. I don’t think it’s going to get any better with any more time either because I can see visible moisture inside the screen, and I can’t figure out a way to get it out.

pfft, sigh. +1 headaches i don’t have time to deal with

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