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What category would you place this song in?

Asked by RandomMrAdam (1655points) July 8th, 2009

I was talking with a friend and he linked me this song. Him and I were talking about the category that this song would be in. Just wanted Fluther’s opinion. The link is below:

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Let me correct this by saying specifically a genre… I want a genre that you would place this song in, category was a bad word.

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Alt-Country maybe? Didn’t hear the whole thing, but that seemed to be what it sounded like…

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Adult contemporary?

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First of all, I would like to say after listening to this song that it is a GREAT song. Secondly, I would probably classify it as rock seein as one of the lyrics states “I still believe in this rock n roll”.

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@Fullofanswers Haha…nice, I already got your opinion in person…

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Country or country rock.

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It is definitely in the genre of Rock, but rock has a broad spectrum. I’d put it in the category of southern or country rock.

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@eambos Yes, Southern rock works for me.

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Nickleback is usually considered alternative rock, but this is “softer” than some of their songs. As an individual song, I’d go with southern rock more than country rock.

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I third Southern Rock

@eambos Where the heck IS Chip?

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Yeah, it’s Southern Rock Lite. I mean, I couldn’t see Lynyrd Skynyrd singing this.

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Hootie Rock.
Not real rock, not exactly country. Very hootieish.

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I’d put it in crapola genre

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Pop Evil is a rock band, listen to Pop Evil- Hero: I would say in the rock genre. They played at the Rock on the Range (which is a rock concert in Columbus, OH), great band live!

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