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Is anyone on here a certified personal trainer?

Asked by jarodbo (34points) January 4th, 2008

If so, what certification do you have? What is the best way to go about receiving the certification and how long does it take? How much did it cost? How much do you make an hour? Any tips or advice for someone thinking about getting certified as a personal trainer for supplemental income?

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I have a step-son in his middle forties who is a CPT and has made a very good career of it. It was a time-consuming and rigorous program. Initially he loaded a van w. equipment and went to people’s homes (in SF). He worked w. them in the van..Now that he has moved back to Philly, where the weather is less predictable, he has on occasion, set up his own gym and sublet space from another owner. If you would like contact info for him, send me a private comment.

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