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What are some things you need on a daily basis to function correctly?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) July 8th, 2009


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Music, hygiene, and food. oh and FLUTHER!

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Air, water, food and wi-fi! Information overload is my drug. I am a sponge. I must absorb.

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When there comes a time that I function correctly for a whole day, I’ll be sure to report back about what made it happen.

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if youre talking food (energy) definitely at least 50 grams of protein a day, a couple apples/bananas, (whichever) veges, plenty of water, nuts like almonds, and daily exercise. Simple as that my friend. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep as well

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My kids, nacho cheese, a bit of reading before bed.

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iPod, fluther, coffee, sleep, wifi, wii, talking to people
Edit: can’t believe I forgot food

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Coffee. Ciggs. Water.

I can survive on that for months.

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Aluminum foil, the Internet, double A batteries, candle wax, a nail gun, Fluther, and vitamin water.

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I have yet to figure that out

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Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water, walk a mile every day,get enough sleep, and in my case, I have to take my cholesterol, blood pressure, and thyroid medications.

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@Bluefreedom candle wax,

Candle wax?

You aren’t related to a Walrus are you? No – that was sealing wax…

(How is it that no one has said “sex” yet?)

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Sex and beer and chips and gravy

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I suspect most of us go a day without sex once in a while without dying.

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Ah, who’m I kiddin’?

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@MacBean I suspect most of us go a day without sex once in a while without dying.

You really believe that?

I am not prepared to risk it… ;)

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@MacBean I read ‘dying’ as ‘drying’.... Something’s wrong with me…

As for me, perhaps the only thing I can’t go without is food, water and my religion. Sure, I can survive without any other thing, just that it’d be very hard…

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@DarkScribe. I fade in and out of an alternate reality and the items I originally listed are a necessary evil in that dimension. The candle wax is for sexual purposes even though I didn’t specifically list sex as one of my initial needs.

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@Bluefreedom dude, I get the nail gun, but vitamin water?

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To function at optimal speed:
• seven hours sleep
• sss (shit, shower, shave)
• lots of water
• balance of carbs & protien
• comfy clothes
• some lovin’ from my girls
• music and a podcast or two
• a nap
• Fluther

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@Grisaille. It takes a lot of energy to do what I do when I totally get my freak on and the vitamin water keeps me pumped up.

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Aluminum foil: For wrapping certain areas up?
The internet: To get into the mood?
Double A batteries: For powering up certain tools?
Candle wax + a nail gun: I don’t even want to know…
Vitamin Water: As you said, keeps you pumped up.
And lastly…
Fluther: An audience?

And if all that’s true, wouldn’t you need a webcam too?

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@Saturated_Brain. Who says I don’t have a webcam? YouTube might get very interesting in the near future. Stay tuned.

I like all of your explanations too for all my different items. I can neither confirm nor deny how close or how far you are from being accurate in your speculations. Leaving it up to the imaginations of the Jellies is half the fun.

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News. At least I need to have enough time to read headlines on (I have it as my homepage).

Oh and I forgot TV ratings. I don’t know why but I can’t go a day without checking how my favorite tv shows fare. Before, i had to know by how much Leno beat Letterman. Now I need to know how Conan fares.

The rest I can do without but these 2 things are bare necessities.

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Hommus, I live on the stuff!

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Peace of mind

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toothpaste, coffee, msnbc, dinner, wine… pizza (every other day)

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