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Why Fluther?

Asked by growler (403points) July 9th, 2009

And not, say, Twitter, Facebook, or any other networking site? I like the format better, for one thing, but I’m curious what you all think. To keep it on topic, pick your top two reasons why Fluther.

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Because the purpose is totally different. Twitter is a mass communications tool, and Facebook allows you to connect with friends. Fluther has an entirely different purpose.

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If you get too serious on facebook people start to freak out. Fluther is for answers and discussions, and you can discuss almost anything. Also, you have the opportunity to help people on Fluther, share your knowledge.

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It is that bringing the “collective” together.
Putting aside peoples hang-ups, we can get a good base line as to what people as a whole think.
I like that. There is nothing good or bad here. Just people wanting to get off their chest what they normally might not be able express or feel in their “real life”.

So we get a more truthful understanding of people and society.

The truth might hurt, but it can set you free.

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I like the relative anonymity of Fluther, plus I love that most of the people on Fluther are people I don’t know in real life. I think that adds a special element of “cool” to this site. Only my friends can communicate with me on Facebook (I am not a Twitter convert yet), but here it is a collection of people who, despite my not knowing them personally, feel connected to. It is amazing that after being on this site for over a year, you start to anticipate what people will answer, and who to go to for specific questions.

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Community. Facebook lacks the type of commentary and communication that fluther brings to the table on issues that maybe could not be brought up on Facebook. I have learned far more about some flutherites than I ever could on Facebook or <shudder> myspace.

Fluther is a totally different animal. And it actually seems to help some people. Facebook doesn’t do that like Fluther does.

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Fluther is a place to learn and ask questions.

My life has been improved by what I have learned here.

I cannot say the same for any other site including Twitter or Facebook

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@eponymoushipster True, and yet Twitter is often used to poll. See ginatrapani – she researches for her blog by polling the Twitter community. Many people do the same, though you tend to have to sift a lot of spam in that case. Fluther’s moderation seems to kill that problem.

Community seems to be the big winner so far, and I have to agree. I’ve only been here a little while and already I like it.

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@growler well, poll questions are typically not allowed here on Fluther. so there’s part of the difference right there.

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I’ve had a Facebook account and Twitter and Yahoo 360 etc, but none have really been useful. Fluther can step up to the mark for answering SOME of life’s questions.

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I feel that Fluther is an anonymous collaboration where individuals may not be so inhibited to express their personal beliefs/experiences on controversial/standard topics. Its kind of a free space where as long as you are respectful towards one another things are rather copasetic. I also enjoy the unlimited amount of knowledge and experiences shared. Plus the hilarious one liners are worth it.

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Simple. Knowledge share “me casa sou casa” and beleive me if i spelt that wrong i do want to know :-)

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Continuing to appreciate the feedback! Fluther seems to be far more useful than any other answer site I’ve seen, but I’m not so sure about the poll questions, @eponymoushipster. Many of the questions here seem to be poll-like. “Poll” is pretty undefined, though, so I apologize for the vagueness of the term and thank you for the input.

Fluther also seems good for asking random but interesting and amusing questions. Maybe the question of where to hide in the event of a zombie apocalypse will finally be answered…

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@growler Out of curiosity, are you familiar with some of the more famous Fluther questions? Like cake or frizzer?

The guidelines have changed, though, even in the short time I’ve been here. Some of the older questions you see would not have been let in now.

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You can make new friends and why not fluther? ^.^

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1) Community and intelligent interaction.

2) Moderators that actually do something.

Facebook is for quick quips, not discussions, and other sites I have been on let problems seethe until everything comes to a boil and someone gets hurt.

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@dverhey I am not, at least not yet. I saw the list of best questions took a peek, but focused immediately on the zombies. Of course. I’ll have to read up a bit on the guidelines, of course.

@Darwin Excellent points. In my experience the seething happens in real life, which is very unfortunate. Fluther seems respectful, though, and I appreciate the honest answers.

@irocktheworld Indeed. Why not?

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Try these questions to get a feel for fluther.

Song Title Game
Fluther Story
Marriage Proposal

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@dverhey Many thanks. I think I begin to understand. I like this place….

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@growler Welcome to Fluther!

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@growler from the faq:

If your question is an attempt to connect with people (as opposed to an attempt to figure something out), like “Where is everyone from?” or “How old is everyone?” or “Are the Jonas Brothers lame?”, or it’s a yes-or-no, this-or-that question, it will probably be moderated — those questions are better suited for the chatroom.

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why did you just now?

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Well I’m new here, but I like the whole layout of it! It’s sweet and simple, easy to use. And I guess the fact that it’s active. I have been on Twitter and facebook and all the others and found only boredom!

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Because Fluther accepted me.

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Thank you Dog for the welcome!!!!

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@eponymoushipster Thanks for that as well. Not relevant here (at least, not in my opinion), though good knowledge to have. This is not just a “Hi, how are you?” Nor is it “Where are you all from?” My question was pretty direct, and it remains. Why Fluther? I like the response @minolta gave.

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1. Because Facebook sucks like a Hoover on steriods.

2. Because Twitter is pure evuuul, and is the work of the Devil. Those of you who Tweet on Twitter, you are bound for Hay-ull, I will pray for y’all. ~sarcasm~

There are two kinds of people in the world, those on Fluther, and those not on Fluther.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Agree with the first, at least as far as purpose goes. As for the second…well, Twitter is fun.

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I don’t feel like anyone is stalking me.
I feel part of a family
the people here are very encouraging.
I feel like at least someone is listening to me.

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@cyndihugs I’m glad Fluther is generally a positive place for people to interact :) I have felt the same way so far.

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1— it seems to be troll free, and i have not had any answers flagged by report monkeys just for the hell of it, unlike some other sites you could mention (coughyahooanswers)

2— this site is made out of some kind of awesomeness that updates in real time without having to refresh the site, making it feel like there are 10 times more people here than there actually is.

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well just found out bout fluther now and i think it helps us collecting opinion from different people honestly

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I like that Fluther really is pretty much troll-free. Seriously, trolls are the bane of the internets…

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i dont understand the question…. um…. cuz jellyfish fluther?

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haha, im joking…. Fluther is good, you get direct feedback and advice…. it helps alot

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I realized that I should have specified when I first asked the question that I often use Twitter for crowdsourcing stuff. I tend to prefer Fluther, though, because I’m more likely to actually get a response.

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I had my points privilege taken away and found GA and GQ’s a much better substitute!

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Why not Fluther?

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Because I thought I could get a quick conversational bit of tech advice from an unofficial expert. My thread got buried on the tech forums and I whiled away my time advising others about computer graphics while I really needed a fix. Fluther folks jumped in right lively and the distraction questions were engaging. Fluther may catch up to flickr as an addiction—something I need to watch as I need more time taking walks and other healthy things . . .

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@evelyns_pet_zebra remarks like yours are “why fluther” :-)

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