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What do you call someone from the Netherlands?

Asked by skar138 (154points) January 4th, 2008
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Dutch. Or whatever his or her name is.

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Dutch. Wow, gotta love that American knowledge of all things foreign!

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Hollish, of course! They’re right next door to the Belgish.

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Nordic!?! Haha

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Why don’t you just look these things up you will get an answer much faster. These are easy questions.

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demons… j/k

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correction it should be “demon”, missed the singular

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Trance…someone can literally look up any of these questions asked on fluther. So what’s your point by saying that. Its a valid question asked.

I see this question is being mocked by each response. Pretty uncool. If you don’t like the question, move along.

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Dutch is the most common term, Dutchman is more old fashioned. I believe they call themselves Nederlanese, but I might be crazy on that.

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Since the question was already answered, I think most of us were having fun. That’s permitted here. Not the same thing as mocking the question.

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I respect your point and didn’t have an issue with your comment. ..but the comment “why don’t you just look things up” defeats the whole purpose of fluther and the “got to love the American knowledge of all things foreign” was offensive to the poster. I didn’t think that there was a gauge on the level of question asked. If that’s the case, I stand corrected and know better now. I’m sure that the original poster will probably hold back asking another question for fear of feeling stupid.

I’m not looking for conflict. This is simply my opinion and as with any opinion, people will differ.

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Oh. I agree with your comments re that post. Nope. No standards I’m aware of for the question asked. That’s one of the nice things about this site. Questions from the trite to the eminently practical to the deeply philosophical to the obscure and arcane. You’re not corrected at all. I just wanted to make the point we’re allowed to have fun as well.

And I hope the original poster isn’t affronted or intimidated at all. We usually try very hard to play nice here.

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@ hossman – here, here!

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HA!! You stinky monkeys are wanky. Did anyone actually answer the question??
I’ll do it, and be much obliged
Most of us simply call them Dutch, though I believe the most appropriate name for someone from the Netherlands (or Nederland) is

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I’m not a monkey, I’m a lemur. Duh.

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do you ever get +38 phone code in afghanistan if you call from any cell or local phones from netherlands?

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