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Is there free pc software that will compare the contents of 2 files?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 10th, 2009

I make backups of very large iTunes files and picture files. I want to make sure every song or picture in the original is copied over. Using Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

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There’s KDiff3.
Not sure if it will work in Vista, but it’s worth a try.
It seems to be mainly for comparing simple text files, though (for programmers), so I’m not sure if it’ll be very useful for your purposes. I think it could probably open most kinds of files, but give their comparisons in terms of their underlying code. I know it does so with word documents.

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Meld is great, not sure if it works in Vista too, but it does support comparing directories.

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Kdiff is a little too “techie” for me. Looking for simpler.

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Ditto on Meld.

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How can that be less techie? You select one folder, you select the other and it tells you the differences…

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Have you read the install requirements? I haven’t the slightest idea what they mean. Besides, I’m not looking for differences in the code. I want to know (ex.) if the song “Feelings” copied over to the backup file.

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Folder Match I think is the name of the free one I’ve used on my Vista 32 bit system or Folder Compare…something like that

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Oh no I haven’t read the install requirements, I don’t use Windows and for me it was just Add/Remove…, then pick meld. Sorry if those are too difficult.

Note that it can do more than look at differences in the lines between two files, it can also show you which files exist in one folder but do not in the other, which I believe would’ve been what you wanted.

Sorry that it wasn’t of help.

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