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Why do men have nipples?

Asked by ShanEnri (4419points) July 10th, 2009

I have asked this and benn asked this. Noone seems to know. It is a mystery.

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This question was asked before

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Oh?! I’m new so I missed that! Sorry!

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@ShanEnri It happens i have done so a few times myself.

Previous Q’s like this :

And here

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To breastfeed male babies?

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there has been no evolutionary pressure to remove them.

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Male horses don’t.

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Because evolution is true.

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Possibly NSFW I have not read the entire article…I’m mainly posting it for the picture. Move your cursor over the picture, you’ll see what it looks like for a male to not have nipples. I have not viewed the additional pages to this article!

I have no idea, but they might look a little odd without them. No Nipples

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We were given them to prevent Nipple Envy.

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Where would my piercings go otherwise?

In all seriousness, to save you time, here is my previous answer to this Q.

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Not to mention how convienient it is to be able to call friends on a cold day with your phone still in your shirt pocket.

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The same reason women have a clitoris, for pleasure ;)

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Like @Facade, I’ll agree it’s for the same reason that women have what is essentially a tiny little penis analog – but it’s for more than just pleasure. It’s there (and nipples too) because our bodies are built on the same basic model. You can change it a bit with hormones, to give men more muscle or women more subcutaneous fat, but it’s made from the same blueprint – two legs, two eyes, stomach, gall bladder, and, yes, nipples and clits.

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Now if you REALLY want a question, ask yourself “Why do men go crazy for a woman’s nipples, but women don’t go crazy for a man’s?

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Human embryos start out female, The y chromosome changes it to male. Nipples on a male, are left over from its early development.

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@mally03 welcome to fluther. Lurve.

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If you’re asking this question you’re not having the best sex you could be having.

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