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What do you do when you are deeply inlove with a girl?

Asked by fisherking2214 (6points) July 11th, 2009

there is this girl that i am deeply in love with and she is moving!!do i go withh her or try and get her to stay near by or do i just follow my heart or what i need some help.

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Do you speak with her?

I would also tell her how you feel, dont like with what ifs

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she already knows i love her and she loves me to but her mom has to move because of water damege and yes i talk to her when ever i can im about to be 17.i know im young but i know what love smarter than the average teen just so ya know…not to brag so can any one help me

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Basically every teen thinks the same way. Everyone thinks they are smarter. Basically I’m sorry to say this but you’ll need to move on if she is moving.

You are young and still have a lot of growing up to do.

I know loving someone is amazing and it’s hard to let go. But someone else will come long. Best of luck.

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I understand what you mean by “I know what love is” yes it’s great but if she is your first love it can be hard. Is she moving away far??

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no she is not my first love but well its strange i feel diferent about this girl ya know like there is something there that wasent there before and i feel like iv known her for my whole life. we never fight or have any disagreements.i love this girl and i probly always will she the only thing in this world that makes me feel normal

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Umm i’m about to be seventeen and yes I’ve fallen in love. I would say follow your heart..that is… follow her, right?

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sorry for the spelling errors im still getting used to typing with out looking

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Hmmm I’ve only been in love once. Those are some strong feelings dude.

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life decisions are hard to choose, however, either way it will make you a better/more understandable person. Life is weird.

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Let it go, you’re in for a world of heart-ache if you try to continue it. You could always do a long distance FRIENDSHIP, and that will always keep the door open for something down the road. But if you attempt a long distance relationship it will almost certainly fail (not that I’ve never seen one work at such a young age, but your odds would be about 1/ 20 in my experiences). And if it fails it will make a friendship/future relationship difficult to start.

Also, you’re 17, believe it or not, you honestly have no idea what love is.

That having been said, you’ll probably ignore it just like I would have when I was 17 and thought I was madly in love. Best of luck.

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It may hurt but you need to let her go and move on. There will be others.

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assuming you’re still going to come back and read this:

1. Of course you’re smarter than the average 17yo. All average 17yos are smarter than the average 17yo, that’s one of the characteristics of being 17.

2. It is also very common to be madly in love with someone, and it’s not a question of “knowing” what love is. It’s a feeling, and even if it pales in significance to what you may experience next year or the year after that, right now it’s as strong as it gets, and your hormones are all over the place too, so I understand that you’re feeling extremely powerful emotions towards this girl. Enough to drive you nuts.

3. You mentioned “water damage”. So basically she won’t have to move that far, just to another house, maybe even in the same city? Please clarify this, because if it’s just going to be down the road, then that’s not a problem.

4. Also, do you have the option of moving closer? If so, go for it. Though it doesn’t have to be next door, as long as you’re close enough to meet regularly. Am I to assume she’s already your girlfriend?

5. The big problem I have is with “we never fight or have any disagreements”. This is not a good sign. So she either has no will of her own, or she surpresses her feelings/thoughts in front of you, or perhaps (in the best case scenario) you two are identical, which is not all that good either if you think about it. The best you can hope for is to get bored of her after a few months. Which is considered a long time when you’re 17, but not long enough to warrant moving to a different city, or dropping out of school or something extreme like that. But if you could be closer and try and make this work, then go for it. Older people (on fluther or elsewhere) can tell you all sorts of stuff, but you have to figure it all out yourself eventually. It’s your life, your choices, and your experiences. And you have to go through the motions I’m afraid.

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dis is just soo sweet. i say fight for her. can’t you just like pay for the repair of the water damage?

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You get deeply involved.

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I stalk, stalk, stalk.

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