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Personally, what does it mean to you when you add someone to your fluther?

Asked by Saturated_Brain (5235points) July 11th, 2009

Having being on this site for around a month now, I’ve seen quite a lot of accounts. Some have many people on their fluther. Some don’t.

But I’ve found myself thinking… Why do we need this fluther system? Is it really, as the FAQ says, “the group of people that you’re interested in following. They can be friends, or just people you find intriguing.”

Honestly speaking, I would still browse through the whole site anyway whether or not I had a group of people whose questions I’m interested in; the number of new questions asked at any one time isn’t that large. I’m in essence following everyone whether or not I have a certain group of people in my fluther.

So this led me on to the next thought… Maybe it’s just because you would like to be friends with that person. But then again… Why should you need to show that you’re friends with that person by adding them to your fluther? I’d assume that you can still talk with them on the site whether or not they’re in your fluther or not. Is there a need to ‘publicise’ things?

Or is it just a sign between you and the other person that you accept them and find them interesting and if the rest of the internet can see this, well… What the heck?

Personally, the fluther I have is the fluther I have only because the people in my fluther used to be from the other forum/Q&A website I used to frequent.

But it looks like the fluther system actually is a lot more than just that for many here.

Care to share?

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Honestly I was too lazy in reading the whole thing and I’m gonna answer the main question… well I add people to my fluther when they’re really awesome and stuff

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I love it when people add me to their fluthers and I add them as well…..

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Got to agree to @applesaucemanny. Not to downplay the point of adding someone to your Fluther, but I really don’t put much thought into it. If you get added to mine, it means I like you, though. So consider it a compliment. :P

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I don’t add people anymore (heck my own boyfriend isn’t in my fluther) since I read all questions and never even check the “your fluther” link.

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as @DominicX said
when I accept and when I add flutherites it means I enjoy talking to them

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Adding someone to my fluther means I like them. It also means that I think they ask interesting questions, so I can click on the “my fluther” button and see their stuff.

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I only add the people I’d seriously consider having sex with.

Okay, that’s a fib. I add the people I admire, who make me laugh, teach me something, and/or impress me in some way.

some people are sex-worthy though. =)

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i thought it was a list of people i got to fight in the Octogon…sunnova…

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But GSP doesn’t seem to be on Fluther.

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@eponymoushipster two men enter! One man leaves!

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To answer your main question: it means that I am impressed by a question they ask or something they’ve written, or that they have made me laugh, or have surprised me after I had begun to solidify my opinion of them, or I find something in common…a number of things, really.

I think the questions you ask in your details section are very interesting – as far as “Why do we need this fluther system?...Why should you need to show that you’re friends with that person by adding them to your fluther?...Is there a need to ‘publicise’ things?”: Yes.

It seems to me that an important part of Fluther is the part of it that allows people to feel that their opinion is valued. That’s what Lurve is, after all. The ability to have a fluther is an extension of that – my fluther is the group of people whose opinions I value. And, to get right down to it, I enjoy seeing my Lurve go up, and I suspect that others do too. I feel a bit touched when someone else adds me to her fluther. It’s nice to have your ego stroked.

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it means I’ve already set up the cameras.

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Adding me means you are guaranteed a long and fruitful life.
And my undying gratitude. That’s even better.

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I add people when I notice they are intelligent, insightful, funny, interesting, etc. As Fluther grows, I expect the “Your Fluther” feature to become more useful, and more important, too. That said, I’m so busy these days, that I often don’t realize I haven’t added someone… so, if I’ve missed you, please don’t take it personally. :)

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I add people when they add me sometimes or if I think they are” cool”

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I usually look at all the questions. In other words, I usually browse all on the front page. But sometimes I go away for the weekend, or don’t spend much time on Fluther a particular day. When I come back I don’t want to look through everything, so I use the questions asked by my fluther only. That keeps me from missing most stuff that I’d be interested in anyway, because it’s been filtered to people I have already decided are interesting to me.

So basically if I add you to my Fluther it means that I think you are interesting. There are a thousand different reasons why I might think this about you. Currently I’m at the maximum fluther size, so I can’t really add anyone new. Occasionally I remove someone if I realize that they haven’t logged in for a few months.

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people who’s answers inspire a great a great deal of respect in me, though i try to add people more when they’re aware I read their answer than be the creepy guy who randomly adds people.

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It can either mean that I like them (or if it’s a new member want to make them feel welcome here) or that I agree with what they’ve been answering. I usually add people who I talk to more often, though I usually just do it after they’ve already added me or when I somehow look at their profile and see they’re not added (ie I haven’t gone through all profiles to add people one by one, but when somebody adds me, I just add them too).

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Just about everyone here who has answered has echoed most of my sentiments as to why I add people to my Fluther. At the risk of being long winded comprehensive, I’ll go ahead and explain that if you’re in my Fluther it is because I’ve found your answers, comments, and questions interesting, humorous, intellectual, meaningful, important, and satisfying. And I think you’re a good fantastic Jelly too.

I also like to jump around sometimes and see what some of you have been up to if I haven’t interacted with you in a while. With you in my Fluther, it makes it easier to spy on you track you down and see what mischief activity you’ve been involved in. =)

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When i add people to my fluther i add them because they add me and when they are nice :P

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I usually add people if they add me (only if I recognize them) I also add people who’s answers I appreciate and questions I enjoy. But, I do read all the questions posted still.

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I add friends, people who are funny, and people who have something interesting to say. I don’t have to agree with any of them.

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When I add someone it is the same as giving them a hand shake, hive five or a hug. If you fall into one of these categories, you are in my fluther. I’m at my fluther limit and would love to add more Flutherites.

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After pondering and thinking on this questions and the answers it has received, I must say that I have been convinced to use my Fluther differently. I’ll start adding those whose answers and personalities I really like. From now on, if you aren’t in my Fluther yet, it just means that I’m just thinking about you. I’ll start adding people now.

Yay thanks Fluther.

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Is there a limit on how many people can be in one’s Fluther? If so, what is it?

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@Darwin There is a limit but I’m not sure what the exact number is. I just counted 139 people in my fluther. I did have others in my fluther that have left (JP and Mr M for example) and when they left I still couldn’t add anyone else. I’m guessing around 150 maybe?

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i basically just add people to my fluther if they say something i really appreciate, that makes me click on their profile and add them. or if they just seem interesting. though there are a lot more people like that than are actually in my fluther.

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It’s because I love them…. er lurve them! And that’s the truth. It just means I like someone, or more specifically, I like what they write.

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@daloon I’ve been seeing you alot lately… and I don’t have you in my fluther

@Saturated_Brain I just thought it was a friendlist. >_> honestly… I guess I was wrong.

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When they send me cookies I add them.

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@SeventhSense I never sent you cookies….

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Well you’re just cute.

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