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In honor of JohnPowell, shall we start a leisure time thread?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) July 12th, 2009

I know @cprevite took a tour of the tall ships and JohnPowell is playing softball, drinking PBR, and eating pizza. I spent my leisure time today picking weeds in the front yard. Not as fun as softball, but the yard looks great! Whether it is a five minute rest on the patio in the sunshine, or a day at the beach – what are you doing with your leisure time?

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I’m about to leave for a yoga class.

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Today we just plotzed. We were so incredibly wrung out physically and emotionally from the roller coaster of dealing with our now recovered but acutely ill dog yesterday, we felt beaten up.

We took naps, went for a swim. Even the dog was tired.

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We went to Universal Studios today. Now I’m veggin’ out the couch waiting for True Blood to start.

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@Marina Lurve for “plotzed.” How was the dog problem resolved?

We went to a farm market, then for a walk in a park. Now I’ve got all these fruits and veggies looking to be cooked!

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today was all about leisure…
went for a long bike ride… followed by some frosty homemade milkshakes… took a nap…. hung out with a friend and jumped on the trampoline :)

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I will leave for 10 days in Hawaii tomorrow. Little Fluther break, but also lots of beach lounging time.

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@dverhey jealous! have a fantastic time, take lots of pictures!

@tinyfaery Universal sounds like so much fun. We’re about to watch True Blood too! Great season!

My husband got home from work around 2:30PM, so we played video games until our son woke up from his nap. We then went for a swim in the pool, and lounged out there while our little one played with his sand & water table. We had dinner with my parents, then went on a walk with the dog and our son. Fun day!

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Two bike rides. One with my sister around noon, and a solo ride in the evening. I got lost on the second ride.


Took a nap on the back deck in the sun with my dog.

Made blueberry soda and blueberry jam. Made peach soda.

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After I slept in until 9am, I cleaned the pool, played Frisbee and washers with my daughter and sat in the backyard and listened to blues while I looked at all of my flowers that are blooming.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the park.

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a month or two ago i told my friend that my plans for the summer while everyone was on vacation and i was home, would be to get some good reading done under a nice tree, if i could only find one. we decided to paint one for the rainy days to keep in my room.

we started awhile ago, and i took it home with me half finished. it’s about 4 poster-boards high, and i painted it today, and cut it out. i’m going to put it up on my wall, and the leaves will be photographs. it’s lying on my floor drying, and one of my other friends and i just spent the better part of the evening planning a wonderful runaway trip to mexico, complete with alter egos and transportation ideas.

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@SuperMouse: Wow – partial inspiration for a question. I am honored my dear mouse.

The Tall Ships were amazing by the way. I got some good photos. Nice cool ocean air. A good day.

Now I’m planning a train ride to Portland, Maine for the first weekend in August.

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Participated in a cruiser ride pub crawl for charity yesterday with about 100 other bike riders, slept til one and visited my friend and her adorable lil baby today.

I <3 leisure time.

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We went swimming, and played kick ball and ate hot dogs with family. Children laughing, smell of chlorine and mustard stains feels like summer.

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I couldn’t relax yesterday as I had to to yard work but I did it in a leisure suit. Does that count?

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@Bri L, I’ll bet you were sweating! Aren’t those things made of nylon?

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Really long bike ride.

Hiking at a local nature preserve with some friends.

Really long walk with my dog.

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Another long bike ride.

Weeded the tomatoes. (That counts as leisure, right?)

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@petethepothead, how are the tomatoes growing? Are they nearly ready?

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The tomatoes are still pretty small. I purchased the plants early but I was late getting them in the ground. So far I’ve seen a few small green fruits on a few of the vines, but it’s going to be a while until they’re ready.

But, I do have some peppers that are producing, and producing quite well. I picked a few Black Hungarians today!

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Bike ride.

Visited Grandparents. Helped Grandpa in garden. Talked with Grandma. Saw cousin and her children. Caught an ant and threw it in a spider web so the kids could watch the spider wrap it up.

Walk in the rain.

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Another afternoon at the park for me and my daughter. She made a few friends and got to run around for 3 hours. We then walked to the lagoon with her new friend Drew and his grandmother and fed the geese.

When it was time to leave we stopped at the concession stand for an ice cream cone. Emily saw a squirrel and ran up to it. Of course the squirrel went to climb a tree but it only went up about 4 feet. Emily ran circles around the tree, squirrel doing the same, they would stop for a moment then change direction. This went on for 5 minutes. They provided entertainment for several of us that were sitting there eating our snacks. I really wish that I had a video camera with me at the moment. It was hilarious.

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@jonsblond I never thought I’d say this, but I envy you having little ones at home still to enjoy!

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@jonsblond, your post inspired me, I am going to have to take the boys to the park today!

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