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What exactly is a "fire crotch"?

Asked by tinyfaery (43855points) July 12th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve heard it in reference to Britney’s cooch shot (which was pretty bald, if I remember correctly) and to a crotch that is au naturale (not shaved). So which is it, and where did this saying come from?

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A firecrotch is red pubic hair, isn’t it?

I guess it can also be used to refer to a red-headed person.

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@DominicX You’re right. Its red pubic hair.

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A chick with a red snatch patch

2. Fire-crotch

A person who sleeps around and could possibly be a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Fire-crotch

When a guy puts a drop of hot sauce on the tip of a condom before penetration.


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Wow… There are guys that actually put hot sauce on the tip of their condom b4 penetration? Ouch!!!

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Not in MY world, they wouldn’t!!!

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I like hot sauce

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I always thought it was a red headed persons pubic hair. I’m not a red head, so I’m not sure how red heads feel about it.

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Red pubic hair… Wonder how it’ll look like…


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I believe this qualifies, as well.

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I think the term became “popular” when someone (Brandon Davis, I think) referred to Lindsay Lohan as having one.

I am ashamed to know this.

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It’s red pubic hair, whether it’s on a guy or a girl. And now it’s also starting to be used to mean a person with said hair.

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<<Is a redhead, in all areas. Is not sure how she feels about being called a fire crotch.

@Saturated_Brain It. Looks. Fabulous.

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I thinks reds are escpecially atractive, and “fire-crotch” can be taken as a compliment..
like hot “_____________” (Hot and fiery are good adjectives for being sexy, yes?)

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