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Street Legal Dual-Purpose Bike in Vermont?

Asked by Waffle (248points) June 4th, 2009

I’m planning on buying a Dual-Purpose bike (something like a Kawasaki KLX) for two reasons.

One, it would be easy transportation from my apartment to classes, (it’s about 3 miles).
Two, I’d want to take it off road during the summer for some riding in Upstate New York.

Since I live in NJ during my 4 months of summer, I would easily make use of the bike. My question is whether or not it would be safe transportation during the school year since my college is in Vermont. I’ve done some research on biking on the street during winter and I’ve found some information on heating clothing which looks like a good investment.

FYI, there is a bus available in case of extreme climate so I wouldn’t have to absolutely rely on the bike.

What does Fluther think?

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I think it sounds like a great idea. I knew a lot of people who rode scooters, motorcycles, and of course ordinary bicycles to and from classes. You might want to consider what type of area you would be riding through on your way to and from your school, heavy traffic, residential neighborhoods, back streets, interstate? Some of those are obviously better conditions for a motorcycle than others.

I just googled it. Looks like a cool bike! Have fun!

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Your best bet is the DMV website for Vermont. They will have all the information you need to be street legal with your bike. In my area, basically you just need the proper lights, a helmet and an appropriate license.

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You would never catch me on a motorcycle….. In ER rooms they call motorcycle riders organ donors…Since you can die in crashes at speeds as low as 25 mph, and exponentially so as the speed goes up….And typically even if they survive the wreck, so much of their skin has been peeled off that their body actually suffocates.

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@westy81585 I’ve known many motorcycle riders. All of them have had a serious, life threatening accident.

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I can’t argue with the gas mileage and ease of parking…. But the safety issues just trump for me.

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To determine whether your bike is street-legal, take it to the license agency and have them examine it.

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Biking is lots of fun when it is sunny! My husband used to commute into Auckland every day in all sorts of weather (not as much fun)
Safety wise its other road users that can sometimes be the problem, not seeing you etc… so make sure you wear bright clothes/reflectors and always ride with your lights on even in daylight.

Definatly wear protective clothing and a helmet even if you don’t have to legally they can save your life!

Life is for living and if you enjoy riding your bike then use it, I don’t get out on mine half as much as I would like to.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy :)

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I have a Yamaha scooter, it is called a BeeWee here, not sure what it is called in USA, anyhow, has bigger, beefier tires than a regular scooter and more ground clearance. I ride it year round here, we don’t have cold but during the wet, we have a lot of rain! The tires bite the wet road and with rain gear, it is great, I love it. I have a jack russel sized dog and she rides in a gym bag between my feet. When it is raining heavily I zip up the bag and all that sticks out is her nose, she loves it too!

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I wasn’t asking how to street legalize a bike, that’s what dual purpose bikes are made for. I was just wondering what opinions were on safety in the snow/ice.

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