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Can you help me and Allie an Lefteh identify a town from a photo?

Asked by ryanpowell (537points) July 13th, 2009

We are curious what this city is. I think it is in the midwest. But we would like to know.

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It kind of looks like something in Virgina, hmm I will think more tho.

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Based on the lightning, I would guess that the town is somewhere in Zeus’s kingdom. And they have angered him.

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Great pic. Could it be Chicago?

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Maybe Columbus, OH?

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Hey, I live in Columbus!

Anyway, I have solved the mystery! It is Ottawa, ON.

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Thought it looked familiar. Sort of

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Not Chicago. Omaha maybe?

damn! should read previous posts. got the “o” right at least.

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I’m glad you found it because I was only able to tell that it was clearly not Minneapolis (because of the lack of a building with a big round top that looks like a plate), St. Paul (because of the lack of a building with a big illuminated #1), and that it wasn’t Chicago (because of the lack of a building that looks like Batman’s hood). Beyond that I knew nothing.

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ryanpowell? Hmm…

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Just curious—what were the search terms that enabled you to find that?

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@daloon….I love lightning photos like the one questioned so I googled “lightning over city”, went to “Images” and there it was in the middle of page 3 with a bunch of other neat shots.
See ya…

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I searched the image’s path (
After getting bounced from blog to blog, I came across its flickr page.

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Neat. I find different people’s search strategies to be quite interesting. Sort of a window onto the thinking process. WTF thinks more like I do. @lefteh‘s approach is something I probably never would have thought of. Obviously, both work.

I wonder if we could design a question for people to find something fairly obscure, and ask them to log their search queries and paths, to see how they approach it? I mean, we could ask, but what would we ask them to search for?

Someone on Askville once asked what the names of the cheeses were in a poster. The poster was low resolution, so you couldn’t read it. I think I searched something like “cheese posters” and then searched through images. I found several, and one of them had a list of the cheeses.

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