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How much money do you think I could recieve due to a car accident? My doctor says I have to have neck surgery. And could i change attorneys?

Asked by miranda77 (1points) July 13th, 2009

I was at a intersection at a red light, when a truck hit me from behind. he told his insurance it was his fault.

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Are you actually hurt, or did you find a doctor to say you are, and you aren’t?

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Yes I am hurt, unfortunatley.. I just got my MRI end of July.

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What I have learned from watching others go through injuries caused by stupid or thoughtless careless acts is that if you end up being all right, and that of course is the hope, then the amount of money you get is relatively small—maybe for the pain and suffering, but not much more. If you are damaged permanently, which you obviously don’t want, then you can sue for more money. But hopefully, you will recover and won’t need much. Wait to ask for any money, though, until at least six months or a year out of the surgery. By then you will know if you recovered fully or not.

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ps, the insurance of the other person will try and rush you, so try and resist and wait to make sure you really do get all better.

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One would hope you would get enough to cover your medical bills and possibly lost wages, plus the repairs to your car. Don’t you have an insurance company? Aren’t they helping you at all?

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pps: they should pay for all and any medical expenses you have.

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First of all, do not get surgery because a lawyer tells you to.
I cannot stress this enough.

If your doctor suggests surgery, get a second opinion just to be sure.

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I have full coverage insurance for my car and Medical from work, which I have used for each visit, the accident was JAn. 8th 2008. :( I got a burnt copy of my MRI CD today, and it reads c4,c5 c6 c7 disc are damaged. I just learning to use this, please bare with me..

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If at all possible, try physical therapy first. I have problems with C5 and C6, and that is a very scary place to have surgery, especially if something goes wrong. That leaves a lot of your body paralyzed if things go bad.

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I’m very concerned because I’m a design consultant at a custom furniture store and I work straight commission. Our sales over all are bad..

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I’ve tried physical therapy 1st, then sought a my doctor refered me to a nureologist. I’m not sure if I spelled that right..

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I’m very sorry for what you are going through.

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Thank you I really appreciate this, I better go to bed now, Its another work day… Thanks Compassionate Heretic friend, Just pray for me, that everything will work out all in the right time.. :)

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My husband was in a car accident several years ago. It took two years to settle with the insurance company for the guy who caused the accident. My husband didn’t need surgery, but was out of work for several weeks with a broken bone in his lower back. His car was totalled, the medical bills were really high, and he didn’t make any money while recovering because he owns his own business (no sick or vacation pay).

He did make a full recovery, has a small scar on his forehead and a much larger scar on his head that is only visible if he gets his hair cut too short. We settled with the insurance company for an amount that seemed impressive until the hospital and the attorney took their cuts (of course). Still, we put a nice downpayment on our first house and had enough left for renovations.

If you don’t feel that your lawyer is doing a good job, you should be able to fire him/her and find a new one. Did you sign some kind of contract with your lawyer? Just don’t rush things, document everything from the doctors, keep track of bills and lost pay. You’ll probably have to be able to prove how much pay you’re losing so make sure you can produce income tax records and/or pay stubs. You’ll probably also need a lot of patience.

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