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What is the best video camera for creating webisodes?

Asked by tcobb48 (1points) July 14th, 2009
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If you want some attention on the web these days, the content you provide should be HD (or a least big and clear). But it doesn’t need to have high-end quality. Look for the most budget friendly 1280×720 camera and find out more about encoding for the web, not the camera but bad encoding is what ruins it for most web-video’s.

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Martin is right. Almost any camera will give you good enough source material. The real key here is going to be how you compress it. It wouldn’t make sense to post straight DV files on the web. Hosting would be really expensive and it would take forever for people to download them. I think the best format right now is H.264 for video on the web. It has a good quality and a small file size.

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Best format in general is h.264, depending on the profile if it’s suitable for web/mobile/storage. I suggest you upload to vimeo and follow their guidlines to uploading quality video.

Stop looking for the ‘best camera to..’ and start looking for the simplest of HD handycams out there. These days they all produce a clear enough picture for the web.

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