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Do you think everyone deserves a second chance?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) July 14th, 2009 from iPhone

In what circumstances? Would you give a second chance?

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one of the rare times I won’t is for someone who cheats on me. It’s happened a couple times and it’s not so much my anger that prevents me from giving them another chance, it’s that I won’t be able to trust them enough as I should in a relationship.
But when it comes to most things, every one messes up once with everything they do, and most often deserve a second chance.

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Depends, if we are talking about enemy snipers, no, no second chance allowed. People who make honest mistakes, well yeah, that’s reasonable. I give almost everyone a second chance, because to judge someone for one mistake isn’t right. Unless they cross a certain line. Steal from me, or tell me a lie that causes harm, then you are screwed. and not in the pleasant way.

Someone and his wife once insinuated that I treat my wife less than ideally and also tried to tell me that what I believe is wrong, in a religious sense. Those people get nothing, except my contempt.

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Everyone deserves a second chance. The only time I would not allow it is when someone purposely hurts a child.

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well. i think people deserves a second chance depending on why they need the second chance. say like if someone cheated on me. fuckkkk that. kick him to the curb and dont look back.

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Yes everyone deserves a second chance i believe

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Everyone deserves a second chance at something. Not necessarily at everything.

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There are a few people at the last place I worked who used up their 2×10 to the 34th chances.

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This depends heavily on the circumstances. I will say that I have never completely shut that door on anyone.

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Not with me. Let someone else take that chance.

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I believe in second chances but there comes a time you have to protect yourself too.

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Yes. But not always a third.

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Yes. Quite a few of them. But they don’t necessarily have to come from you.

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Unless it’s something severe like a clear cut case of intentional harm like murder, yes.

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No. I think intent is important the first time around. For a second chance, is the risk worth it to me when I look at the possible outcomes? Often yes, but sometimes not.

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I’ve learned the hard way that giving people second chances isn’t always what is best for me. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But if that mistake really hurts me, then it is unlikely I give them a second oppertunity to hurt me.

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Depends on the situation. And what you think a second chance is. After being, finally on the outside looking in, you find out you gave multiple second chances.

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Most times I’d say yes. Not always. Not in every situation. Example: My bf cheated. I gave him a second chance. He cheated again. He clearly didn’t deserve that second chance. But every situation is different. Use your judgement and common sense.

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Without writing a term paper, I’d say someone who worked for it yes. Someone who just felt they were entitled to one for no particular reason while not being sorry no.

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i believe if you do something with ill-intent that can cause great harm, you do not deserve a second chance. a bank robber that apologizes for their crime is sorry they got caught, not sorry for the crime

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If it’s ordinary mistakes, then of course. For most relationship mistakes, yes. For minor criminal offenses, particularly drug crimes, yes.

Murder—maybe… after a long effort at rehabilitation, if successful, and if restitution of some kind is made. If people have truly reformed, even after making the most heinous mistakes, then I think they deserve a chance to make up for the harm they caused.

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@hungryhungryhortence That’s a strong reply, something come to mind?

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@Resonantscythe: Many things come to mind. A man with a previous DUI killed my cousin and four others a few weekends back, drunk again; he shouldn’t have had that 2nd chance. That’s just one example.

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