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Does anyone know where i can find cheap guitars?

Asked by guitargirl101 (21points) July 19th, 2009
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thats a good one but i was thinking more like online shopping sites like amazon, ebay,etc.something used persay?? any more recomondations??:) thanks so much though.

God Bless

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It’s obviously not online, but your local pawn shop should have some.

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thats a great idea had’nt thought of that!

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Completely agree with Fly, I have gotten several guitars at pawn shops . . .

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like would Salvation Army or good will have guitars??

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You could also always check sites like Craigslist.

Whether or not Salvation Army or Goodwill has one, guitars aren’t generally donated, so you can’t count on quality. I would think that if someone just dumped their guitar, there’s probably a reason.

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The thing about pawn shops is sometimes musicians have money and sometimes they don’t. They pawn instruments with the notion of times improving and having the money to get the guitars out of hock. Sometimes they can and sometimes they can’t. You are more likely to find better quality guitars at pawn shops than Salvation Army as Fly said above.

Some guitar shops (e.g., Sam Ash) will sell used guitars on consignment, but the prices aren’t as good as pawn shops. Also pawn shops have mixing boards, speakers, and all kinds of other things that musicians temporarily do without while raising the dough to get them back.

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ooh! didnt think of tht either . Thank u all for your comments they help alot:)I will look at that website!

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Cheap and Hot….Pawn Shops.

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