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Fox Redux--Should Brian K. be fired for the racial hatred displayed in his recent comment or just for his sheer stupidity?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) July 21st, 2009

Just Google Kilmeade and “other species” to get the complete text, but to briefly sum up. In response to a 20 yr. Swedish study that found less incidence of Alzheimers among married folks, he said it wouldn’t apply to U.S. because the Swedes are “pure” while we go around marrying other ethnicities and species.

He did issue a rather tepid apology to keep the PC police off his back, but I get the impression he still doesn’t quite comprehend why some people would find this so offensive.

Evidently this little inbreed is unaware of the basic fact that interspecies sex doesn’t produce offspring and Hitler’s theories were disproven by history.
I’m not really sure which other species were being referenced, but….

What kind of strange breeding produced this little dimwit? All guesses welcomed.

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Why are you watching Fox? It’s all crap!

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Fox is funny , thats why people watch it .

If they fire or punish him they would have to do the same to everyone at fox , simple solution don’t watch it or close the funniest news channel down .

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i thought stupidity and racism is a job requirement for fox

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Here is a link for anyone interested. “The Brown Haired Guy Who Isn’t Steve Ducey” (as Stephen Colbert calls him) fits right in on this racist excuse for a news show.

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Why does keeping breed pure work for dogs and horses. But not people.
I do understand the humanistic melting pot. But lets look at this purely as a conversation of genetics.

Don’t trip out people, just adding to the discussion.

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