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Why does Rockstar make my urine neon yellow?

Asked by absolutely (126points) January 7th, 2008

Every time I drink a can of this delicious energy beverage, I pee bright yellow. After careful observation over the last couple of weeks, I found that the cause of the urine color is indeed Rockstar. Why is this? Is it the food coloring in it or some other ingredient?

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Ahh! stop drinking it!

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That’s interesting. How much do you drink at a time? When my friends and i get together on the weekends, i normally have at least two or three cans in a night. Of course, I normally mix with Monster energy, and I haven’t been taking note, but I’ve never noticed any significant difference. I’ll do some testing come Friday night a get back to you.

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I dont know much about this but doesnt clear urine mean your well hydrated from drinking a lot of water… So my conclusion would be that rockstar im sure has a lot of sugar in it makes you less hydrated altering the color of your urine? Just a guess..

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Like Fallstand says, you are likely dehydrated. The energy drink probably has a diuretic in it, which causes you to excrete more urine from your body than normal, which is thus very yellow. Caffeine is a very common diuretic.

If you are well hydrated your urine should be more colorless than yellow. Probably best to lay off the energy drinks from a health stand point, although you may enjoy the sugary, caffeine buzz.

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I can’t find the actual ingredients on the web site, but you can get highly concentrated, yellow urine when you drink things that have a lot of B Vitamin in them. I’d check to see if that’s on the label- since some energey drinks contain B-12.

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I had the same thing after taking some GNC men’s vitamin that was extremely high in B-vitamins (some of them were almost 1000%RDV). While it is important to keep hydrated, if you are consuming vast quantities of B-vitamins (or any substance which greatly influences urine color), your urine could be brighter than it should be even if you are hydrated enough.

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It’s likely the B vitamins – never considered it, and Rockstar is chock full of em. Dehydration causes urine to be dark yellow, but with all the caffeine and such in these energy drinks, they do contribute to dehydration. I counterbalance it with plenty of water and gatorade.

Thanks for helping me figure this out!

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I was going to say it is probably the vitamins, but it sounds like you figured it out.

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It is a TERRIBLE thing chock full of chemicals which are NOT ment to be ingested in the mass quantities I am supposing you ingest it in.

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