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Who Fluthers from outside the U.S.?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) January 7th, 2008

As a follow-on to the Where are you? question, and with all the new Flutherites coming on since the Reddit thing, I’m interested to hear from other non-U.S.-based Flutherers. Where in the world are you?

Me, I’m in Kerikeri, New Zealand.

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I’m in Vancouver B.C., Canada

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Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

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Hi im from Quito Ecuador

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Hong Kong!!

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Osaka, Japan.

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Singapore ;)

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edmonton canada and it SUCKS… he he

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@tupara, Where is that? And how do you pronounce it?

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@tupara, A fellow Kiwi… ace! Well, I’m actually a transplanted Yank, but it’s nice to see another resident of the Long White Cloud on Fluther!

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Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand.
Pronounce it A’-o-te-a-ro-a. A as in pa, o as in poor, te as in ten.
It means land of the long white cloud.

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Oooohhhh, now segdeha’s answer makes a LOT more sense, haha. Thanks!

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I live in NZ too.

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