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How do you fold a clothing top?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 11th, 2014

Shirt, blouse, sweater, sweatshirt, etc.

As age old as the over/under toilet paper debate.

Do you fold the shoulders back, and then in half, or do you bring the shoulders together, then in half?

I was raised to fold each shoulder, then in half. At some point I went with shoulders together. I’m now castigated within my household for my lazy way of folding.

To me, shoulders together, then in half is quicker, easier, and leaves less wrinkle.

Weigh in on this highly important debate!

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I was taught to fold in half, then the shoulders, then in quarter. I still do like that now. I don’t know any other way.

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If I don’t fold it into a ball, I bring the sleeves together, fold the sleeves into the “body” part, and then fold it in half, or maybe quarters.

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^^The latter is what I was trying to describe.

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That is akin to sleight of hand, @SavoirFaire. Flipping _brilliant! I’ll practice until I’m adept, but I won’t promise a life-long habit.
Old dog, here.

Good man @dxs.

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@ibstubro It took me a while to get it down, and I still have days when I’m just not coordinated enough to get it right. On those occasions, I use the shoulders back method (which my grandmother made me do over and over again when she caught me doing it the shoulders together way).

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I’ve folded lots of ways in my life but currently it’s shoulder to shoulder, and then in half.

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I hang them on hangers. If I do fold them, I fold them like @dxs suggested.

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Usually, sleeves across the back, then the sides of the garment folded towards the middle, then in half (sometimes in unequal thirds depending on the shelf).

Sometimes the side of the garment in first and then the sleeve folded down the back, then the other side and the other sleeve, and in half, or threes.

I folded for a living. I made those perfect folds you see in stores. It depends on the specific garment and the space you need to fit it into and how high you are stacking.

The real question is how do you fold your towels? JK

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We have staff for that menial duty.

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Shoulders first. From now on, though, @SavoirFaire‘s way.

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Who folds? I hang. That’s why hangers were invented.

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Towels are seam to seam, @JLeslie, twice, then in half!

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Sweaters I fold at the shoulders, with the arms straight across the back. Then I fold the torso in half. The sweater is wider, but flatter.

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@ibstubro towels? I beg to differ. End to end, in half again and then into threes in the other direction : ^)

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