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Mac 10.4 Restore?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) August 5th, 2009

I have an old white macbook (2 versions before the unibody) so it has tiger. It wants me to “repair startup disc” or something like that using the CD that came with it. My friend though has the discs that came with his leopard computer. Can i use his discs and get leopard? Will all my files stay there? etc.

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I believe that if you use his discs, you will get Leopard but i don’t think your supposed to do that. You’re supposed to buy it. If you do an “archive and install” you will be able to keep you current files but I recommend a clean install to avoid some problems.

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Don’t you need the dual Intel chips for Leopard? I don’t think that the old Tiger needed that. I also am not sure what I am talking about. But I get points for courage.

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You can’t use your friend’s disks. Disks that come with the Mac will only work on that specific model of Mac. You’ll need to use the disks that came with your MacBook, or purchase a boxed copy of Leopard (or wait a couple months for Snow Leopard.)

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Gailcalled, i award you 10 points for courage.

Thanks for the help guys!

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The Leopard disc should work fine, but you’re going to have Leopard installed instead of Tiger. To the best of my knowledge, no version of Leopard requires any kind of serial activation or anything of those sorts, so it should install. However, I do believe per the ToS you’re obligated to buy a separate copy of OS X for every machine you intend to install it on.

@simpleD Mac OS X is machine indepenent as long as you’re using an Apple machine. One of the numerous benefits of Apple having total control over the hardware configuration of every Mac is that driver issues are few and far between. Just about any Mac can run any version of OS X, assuming the machine meets that version of OS X’s minimum hardware requirements.

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@noyesa: I was referring to the system restore disks that ship with every Mac. They will boot and restore only the specific model with which they ship. You could then, if needed, clone the install to another drive. The retail version of Mac OS X will boot and install on any supported model.

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